Last First Kiss

Michaella just wanted to spend the rest of her life with her true love. But who knows how long that will last? Every minute is a mystery in her eyes. She just wants him, and he just wants her. Will he be Michaella's one and only, her last first kiss?


10. Critical


    After we were all done shoveling Harry brought me to the hospital, if I had my own car then I would go alone, but he was my only choice. We got to room 36, and I saw Jane in her bed. A nurse was walking out as she told me,"Dylan just left, he's getting her some lunch." I asked Harry to wait in the hall and that I needed to speak to her alone really quick.

    "Jane, Daniel found me at Harry and Louis' flat, he left a note outside by my window, if I could see him one more time, then I would turn him into the cops," Jane was worried about me but I didn't want her to worry. "You know Michaella, I still never got to meet your new boo,"  Jane told me how she wanted to meet my boyfriend from the hottest boy band One Direction. I let Harry inside, they started to talk for a while. The nurse came in and told Jane to relax and not talk to much, her voice was starting to sound bad. 

    I was pulled out of the room by Jane's doctor. He said that the surgery wasn't acting very well. He explained the medical terms that I did not understand. He was basically saying that she was in critical condition. He told me to call any of her family members to let them know. Jane was an only child, no grandparents, and her parents dies years before. I didn't want to cry, because I didn't want to upset her.

    I walked back in and Dylan followed. She told the three of us to come closer, we all did so. She told Harry that it was a pleasure to meet him. "Michaella, you my bestest friend in the whole wide world, and your my one and only sister, I'm grateful for that." I was holding my tears back by a dam, and it was about to break. "Dylan, I love you so much and we were gonna be together forever. This isn't the end, I love you," Jane started to close her eyes, she was tired. 

    The heart monitor had a long beep, the dam broke and my eyes became a waterfall. Dylan ran out of the room and yelled for help. Jane's doctor came rushing in, we all had to wait in the hall. Dylan was crying, but he knew it wasn't the end. Even Harry was shedding a few tears. The doctor came out of the room shaking his head in grief. I couldn't believe that my best friend was dead, and it was all Daniel's fault. I had a mix of emotions, grief, anger, and I was frustrated. I was done being scared to be alone. I was done with living like this. I was done being paranoid. I was done with Daniel and I wanted him dead. 


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