Last First Kiss

Michaella just wanted to spend the rest of her life with her true love. But who knows how long that will last? Every minute is a mystery in her eyes. She just wants him, and he just wants her. Will he be Michaella's one and only, her last first kiss?


3. A New Home

    I looked at the house in amazement. I couldn't believe that I was living with the hottest boy band. Zayn showed me a guest room, saying it was all mine now. It had a beautiful queen sized bed, with a white canopy over the top. The end tables had red roses, and I added my iHome to one of the mini tables against my bed. Now my iPhone had a new home. 

    The best part was the closet. It was a full blown walk in closet! Sadly, some of my clothes were torn from Daniel, so it took me a little while to unpack and separate the clothes that I had to throw away. I decided to get in my p.j.'s since we weren't leaving. I might as well get comfortable,I thought. So I took of my tee and skinny jeans. Then all of a sudden my door was opened, and Harry was in the doorway. He didn't see me, since I was putting my dirty clothes in the hamper which was in my private bathroom. He noticed my pajamas were laying out on my bed, and he didn't think much of it. I wasn't paying attention and basically walked right passed him.

    "Harry!" I shouted,"Do you know how to knock?"

    Harry replied,"I'm sorry." I was covering my half naked body with my arms. He didn't even get out of my room. "Michaella, you can get dressed I won't look," he turned to the wall. I got my sweat pants and quickly put them on, but I couldn't find my tank top. Harry turned around holing my tank that I was looking for. He tossed it to me, and I put it on. He didn't even turn as I put on my hot pink tank top, but I didn't really care. At least he didn't call me anorexic like the girls did at my school. I didn't understand why they picked on me. My weight was perfectly healthy for my age and height. And then some of the girls that did insult me were actually anorexic. I didn't think much of it though.

    Harry did look at me strange though. "What was that scar on your waist?" I didn't want to answer that question. He basically threw me to the past. I didn't want him, at of all people to think that I was suicidal. I cut my self weeks before, when I first went to London, I thought it would help. Obviously it didn't.

    "Harry," I explained the whole nightmare with the name Daniel, including the girl he got pregnant, "I thought it would help me forget. I promise I haven't harmed myself since." I didn't lie to him, besides he would know if I was lying. Harry gave me a big hug and he whispered that he didn't care about the past. I held back the tears, I was trying to avoid a dramatic scene. Louis opened the door and screamed. Harry looked a little irritated, like he ruined the moment. 

    "Harry, you just met her. You sir are sleeping in your own bed tonight," Louis was teasing him. "Louis nothing was happening, I swear," I was telling the truth but I was blushing, so he thought I was lying. He told us to come downstairs and watch some Family Guy. I love that show, and it was Harry's favorite show. We got up and followed Louis to the living room. 

    Niall gave Harry a look, and Harry mouthed : Stop it. I ignored Niall and sat in between Louis and Harry. My mistake. Louis kept making "lover jokes," I just watched t.v. and laughed at Stewie's jokes. Time flew by quickly, it was already 10 p.m. The Family Guy marathon was about 6 hours long! I just went to my bed, and put on some t.v. so I would have something to fall asleep to. I thought my horrow movie became a fantasy. I was finally able to say that I got my "happily ever after." That was a lie. 


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