Doggy gone Doggy napped

A girl Munesah Alvarez and her sister Melissa Arif try to find out what happend to their dog.


1. Trying to figure out

Me and my sister Melissa bought a dog from the pound two years ago. The same day we got him "HUH" doggy gone. Now its been two years as i said before and me and Melissa are still on the search all this time it has been seven hundred and twenty-eight days now since we've been searching, *sigh* but we still have no clue on wat happened two him that day. That night we went to go to bed then we tried to remeber if we found any clues while asking people and putting up posters, but still there was one crucial piece missing. That next day it got weird. Everyone had dogs that looked exactly like our old dog we didnt get to name him so we call him Melvarez Munifah but M&M for short. There were m&ms everywhere and wat was weird was that they all had the collar we had put on him. THEN IT HIT ME......................... 

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