Doggy gone Doggy napped

A girl Munesah Alvarez and her sister Melissa Arif try to find out what happend to their dog.


2. Mysterious man in mysterious suit

Our dad left at the same time M&M was gone. We came to a conclusion that he was MURDERED oopsy we mean doggy napped. Then we got tickets for the trolly to our dad in Hollywood, and btw (by the way) we are in new york in queens villiage. When we sneaked out we ran and waited for the next trolly. As it came Melissa sworn that she saw M&M with a mysterious man in a black suit, then again alot of people had dogs that looked like M&M. We ran after the trolly as it was going farther away into the distance we knew we couldnt make it so we caught the next trolly and asked it to follow the trolly that was before it. As we followed it the mysterious man in the suit kept looking back. The man stopped at the same place we were going, Hollywood? what a coinkadink

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