Doggy gone Doggy napped

A girl Munesah Alvarez and her sister Melissa Arif try to find out what happend to their dog.


3. my ongoing investigation

We followed that man to my dads house huh dun dun dun. We saw him hand my dad the dog and thats when we knew our dads brother was the man of mystery. We went in our dads house. I think her heard us because he kept saying who ws there Melissa almost answered but i told her to keep quiet, she didnt listen she said it was me dad but as we looked at the man ............................... IT WASNT OUR FATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The the man kept telling us to calm down and that he was our father and he was just wearing a mask for his apperance in a movie, then we asked him why he stole our dog and he said he was training him to do the stuff we liked. Then he showed us all the tricks he could do BUT WAIT THEN I REALIZED..................

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