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1. Fuzzy lights and bouncing hearts

*Andrea's POV*

I settled myself down on the sofa of our suite , holding my guitar as I tried to sing Ed Sheeran's song 'Kiss me." It's already dark outside. Just making some singing as I waited for the time to slip by.

" Settle down with me. Cover me up. Cuddle me in." I managed to sing as I strummed the chords.

Brad and Tiffany suddenly walked in. Oh this lovely couple. Steffi was holding a bouquet of flowers and a heart-shaped box. I bet it has carrots in it. No. potatoes. POTATOES.

"Hey babe! What's that for?" I asked her as she walked towards me.

"Brad gave this to me. He's such a sweetheart." She said, batting her eyelashes to her Achilles. It's 14 today didn't you even note that on your calendar?" she finished.

"14? Are you celebrating your anniversary today? and why should I?" I asked.

"Dont be silly. Its Valentines Day today babe. Gahh." she said, rolling her eyes as they walked out of my sight.

"Valentines day today?" I repeat to myself as I checked the date on my phone. "Oh dusty man it is." I confirmed.

I think I won't celebrate it then or might be dating myself alone. with my guitar. and my cat Chizuru. Yes. That'd be cool.

"Too bad. Harry's not here. Dont be sad babe. I can be your date then." Tiffany said. I don't know if I really got her sympathy or she's just in the mood to tease me.

"Hey. What about me? You're supposed to be my date tonight." Brad complained.

"You can just leave me here. I can handle myself alone. Don't worry." I said, smiling at them.

Now, I admit I'm missing Harry. Apparently we're 678 miles away from each other now. He's staying in England with the boys for their commitments. lots of TV appearances, endorsements, photoshoot and they're also busy practicing for their upcoming tour while I'm here, strolling around France since last month. Me and Steffi were assigned to manage an event which is part of our on-the-job training.

I havent talked to him since our last fight on skype. It has happened four days ago. He literally pissed the duck out of me when he started ranting about that model they met in one of their interviews way back home. I mean. You can't blame me feeling jealous and irritated. Any other girl would feel the same if her boyfriend talks about another girl with you.

He's like "Babe, she looks like Cara Delevigne. And you know what, she'll be with us endorsing a brand of perfume." Annoying whatever. My eagerness to talk to him suddenly vanished. He didn't even bother to ask me how I am. "Are you done talking about her? If so, I'll end up this call. I'm effin' tired." I said, frowning.

"Babe, are you mad? I still wanna talk to you. I miss you." he responded, looking straight through me.

"Why dont you tell those things on that girl you're mouthing off? I bet she would be glad to hear it from you." I said nettled,raking my hands through my hair." I gotta go." I finished. Before he could say anything, I already hung up.

He flooded me with calls and texts until morning but I didn't mind to answer or read them. And now, he texts me every hour and got bunch of missed calls from him. I realized i still keep my Skype offline 'til this point in time.

"If only I could see Harry today." I thought. I miss cuddling him and giving him love bites. Erm. Okay that's enough.

I snapped out my thoughts and stood up from where I was seating. I barely notice Steffi and Brad stormed out of the room.

I went in my room, letting my body fall from my bed. How would I even spend this day? I picked up my phone and logged in on twitter.

"A typical thursday for me. Hope you're all having a great day with your special someone!" I tweeted.

I put my phone over my chest and shut my eyes.

I woke up from a forty winks. It's already 8:30 in the evening. I sat up on my bed as I raked my hair away from my face.

I stripped off and went in the shower. The lukewarm water pouring down my body was so soothing.

* Harry's POV*

After our rehearsals last night, I didn't waste time to prepare and pack my clothes. I booked a flight to France this early morning. I'm glad Paul and the management allowed me to go. I really wanted to surprise Andrea. I messaged and called her many times last night but she still havent picked up her phone for me. I know this was all my fault. I shouldn't have talked about that model. She might think that I didn't care about her. Stupid me. Now I should live with the consequences.

Louis and Paul escorted me to the airport. Paul was the one who fixed all the things I needed for today and even the hotel I've been staying there with Andrea alone. I miss her awfully. I really wanna spend this special day with her and make all things up.

It took almost 12 hours 'til we finally reached the le bourget airport in France. I called a cab to take me at Shangri-La Hotel. I put my phone out and called Tiffany. I need her help to make my plan accomplished. I told her to meet me at the hotel at 6pm. May the odds be ever in my favour.

*Andrea's POV*

As I finished taking a shower, I pulled a sweater and a boxer shorts in my drawer. My phone just then rang. I pulled it from my bed and took the call.

"Hey babe. Are you awake?" Steffi asked.

"Erm. Yea." I replied.

"Come on here at Shangri-la Hotel. I'll text you the address. Wear a nice wardrobe okay? No BUTS! Just come here. We'll wait for you! Bye!" she said as she made a smoochy sound over the phone then hung up.

What is she planning? A dinner maybe? but I dont wanna disturb their date if that is. I thought as I started to raid my closet. I changed my clothes and decided to wear my vanilla crop top with peter pan collar studs, my avian-adorned skirt and black heels. I wore my moustache necklace and put on a dusty rose lipstick. I think I'm done. I took my purse and went off.

I rode a cab and instructed the driver to take me to the address I handed him. After 30 minutes, I arrived at the said hotel. I started to to look for Tif and Brad inside.

It's already 10:30pm. Where did those love birds go? Tif said they'd meet me here. Ugh.

Someone suddenly walked towards me,escorting me inside as he took me in one of the suite of the hotel.

"Excuse me, but why did you take me here?!" I asked, confused. "Where are my friends?" I finished.

"I may leave you now, Madam. Enjoy your night."He said, without even answering my question.

I took my phone and called Tiffany. Her phone was off. Oh shizz. I promise to kill you Tiffany when I got home.

I gestured to walked out when someone called my name. His voice was low and raspy. I turned around and saw Harry, standing next to me. He's wearing a crew-neck hand knit sweater, red pants and leather shoes.

"Hey babe." He said softly as he hold me in my hand.

I was there staring at his beautiful green eyes then I suddenly turned to face the

"Why are you here?" I asked.

He brushed my chin slowly and said, " cause I wanna be with you tonight. I insisted to come here to fix everything up. I wanna make it up to you. I didn't mean to make you upset the last time. I was so stupid to do that thing. Im sorry babe. Im really sorry." he revealed.

I stayed silent., biting my lip.

"Come on. I'll show you something." he said.

"Where are we going?" I replied.

He took a grip on my right hand as he walked me towards the terrace. Oh God. This is so beautiful. There's a table set up and roses scrattered around. A candlelit dinner. I'm astonished seeing the breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower. How did he know that this is my dream date?

"You told me about it before." He said, smiling.

Wait. Did I just say that aloud? Erm.

His eyes met mine. They're sincere and absolutely gorgeous. I can't even contain myself now.

"It's in your lips and in your kiss." He started singing as he leaned closer to me. I'm stoned. not the kind of getting high. but almost. "It's in your touch and your fingertips. And it's in all the things and other things that make you who you are and your eyes irresistible." he finished, his breath felt so warm on my cheeks as it turned red.

"I just wanted you to know that I'm so grateful to have you in my life. I can't
ask for anything more than you. I love you boo." He said.

"I love you too babe. Thank you for this." I said as my eyes got watery.

He wiped away the tears falling down my face.

"You look so beautiful tonight." He said as he leaned closer to kiss me. I closed my eyes. Our lips summoned. I missed the fresh and minty taste of his lips. Our lips moved in sync as we felt the heat up our body. His hands caressing my back while I raked his hair out of his face. We both stopped, barely breathing. He smiled at me.

"God, I missed you so much."He said.

"Me too." I said as I pulled him for a hug.

"You miss yourself too?" He said, his face frowned.

"I mean I missed you too babe!" I said, poking his nose.

"I know. 'm just kidding." he laughed.

We had our dinner as we watched the Eiffel Tower glitter every five minutes which we both found so amazing. This was probably the best night of my life. Of course with my cupcake Harry. I cant imagine my life without him now.


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