Summer Love

Stella Malone expected nothing more than exploring London with her best friend Hannah for summer break before college. What she least expected was running into the famous british/irish band One direction that Hannah is obsessed with. Little did she know she'd end up falling for them and living with them before she goes off to college.


3. Mysterious black-haired boy

When we arrived at the airport in London there was a huge crowd of girls. Hannah shrieked. "Oh my gosh I SEE THEM!!!I SEE THEM!!!!!!" Hannah scurried towards the crowd. I immediately knew who she was talking about. One Direction. I sighed and started to head to luggage pick-up. Which just h appened to be where the huge crowd of girls were. awesome. I pushed through them and finally got to my bags. Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see a very good-looking familiar face. Black hair and dark brown eyes, he was gorgeous. 

"excuse me love?" 

He had a strong british accent. I was practically melting in the inside. 

"uhm yes?" I managed to say. 

He got a really big smile on his face when i did say something. 

"You're beautiful." 

He looked suprised by himself saying that. I giggled though.

"thank you, haha."

He smiled big again, "What's your name?" Gosh his voice was mezmerizing. 

"Stella Malone, and yours?"

He had a surprised look on his face when I asked him what his name was, like he expected me to know it. "Uhm Zayn Malik." 

I knew that name..I just couldn't remember where from.. 

"Well it was nice meeting you Stella, I hope to see you soon." He smiled as he handed me a piece of paper and walked away. When he walked away I remembered who he was. Zayn Malik from One Direction, and I had his number.


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