Summer Love

Stella Malone expected nothing more than exploring London with her best friend Hannah for summer break before college. What she least expected was running into the famous british/irish band One direction that Hannah is obsessed with. Little did she know she'd end up falling for them and living with them before she goes off to college.


2. Heading to London

"Hurry up!" I shouted to Hannah. She was taking forever to get ready. I on the other hand had my hair in a messy bun with sweats on. I mean come on it was an airplane ride for like hours. Hannah rushed down the stairs. She was wearing a short black dress with foot tall heels and her hair was all nice and curly. She looked liked a moviestar. "wellll, how do I look??" Hannah smiled. 
"Dude we're only going to the airport, not a Hollywood premiere." 

"So I look like I could be going to a Hollywood premiere? Yes! Just what I was going for."

"Why are you even dressed up so much?" 

Hannah shot me a big grin. I sighed, "Oh my gosh One Direction is not going to be there!" 

Hannah grabbed her suitcases and filed out the door, she yelled over her shoulder, "You never knowwwwww!" 

Gosh why was I even friends with her.

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