Summer Love

Stella Malone expected nothing more than exploring London with her best friend Hannah for summer break before college. What she least expected was running into the famous british/irish band One direction that Hannah is obsessed with. Little did she know she'd end up falling for them and living with them before she goes off to college.


4. Girl of his dreams

'ZAYN'S POV' The boys and I had just gotten done with our tour and had just gotten to the airport. Of course a ton of fans were there to greet us. Louis and Harry ran off to the bathrooms while Liam, Niall and I went to get our luggage. When we finally got through all the girls and got to our luggage I saw a girl a couple spots down getting her luggage. My God she was beautiful. I had to talk to her. I made my way towards her and tapped on her shoulder. When she turned around I was thrown back by her beauty. For a minute I'm pretty sure I kinda just stared at her. Her eyes were the bluest eyes I've ever seen since Niall and she wasn't wearing make-up. She looked like an angel. I gathered myself together and stuttered out words, "Excuse me love?" I'm pretty sure I was shaking. 

"Uhm yes?" 

Gosh her voice, I couldn't help but smile till my mouth hurt. I didn't know what to say my mind was in pieces. "You're beautiful." Wow way to get to the point Zayn. I saw her smile which made me feel a little less embarrassed. I introduced myself and found out her name was Stella Malone. I knew it was time to go back to the boys but i didn't want to leave, I searched my pockets for my number. I always kept it handy. I handed her the paper and walked off. I missed her already.

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