Summer Love

Stella Malone expected nothing more than exploring London with her best friend Hannah for summer break before college. What she least expected was running into the famous british/irish band One direction that Hannah is obsessed with. Little did she know she'd end up falling for them and living with them before she goes off to college.


1. Introducing Stella Malone

My name is Stella Malone. I have long straight bonde hair with blue eyes. I have an older sister named Carly and she looks nothing like me. She has long curly black hair and brown eyes. My best friend's name is Hannah and she is obsessed with One Direction. I didn't know who they were until her, I didn't care much though, just another boy band. Hannah and I thought it'd be fun to go to London because she finally turned 17 and I turned 18. Hannah wanted to see One direction but there was no way she would. I mean London is huge, out of all people she expected to see them.

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