Leave A Message

Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. The two become friends, and slowly then all at once it becomes something more. Classic tale.
But this time it comes with a twist - all we get to see are the messages that Cat and Michael share over the two weeks that take them from friends to more-than. Told primarily through the messages left by Cat on Michael's answering machine, this story is about two college students trying to navigate an age-old transition.
Submitted for the John Green Fault In Our Stars competition.


5. November 7th, part 1


“Hi, you’ve reached… I’m not picking up the phone… Cheers.”

“Heeeey Michael. Mike. Mikey. … Except no, I’m not gonna call you that. ‘Cause that’s a nickname, and nicknames are only for friends, and we’re fighting right now, aren’t we? Haha, we’re fighting. We never fight, you and me. I mean, sure, we fight all the time, but never, like, a big fight, you know? A serious one. … Like this. … Our first big fight. … Ha, how dumb is that? We never fought before and now we are. But I miss you, Mike. When you’re gone, the pieces of my heart are missing yooouuu! I don’t know why you always tell me I can’t sing, I can sing. … I want to talk to you right now but you’re not even home. So where the heck are you, it’s not like you have anywhere to be at three in the morning. I bet you’re at home. Hold up, are you screening my call? ‘Cause that’s so not coo- No, Sara, I- Sara’s saying that I’m drunk – I’m not, Sara – and that I shouldn’t be talking to you. Ooooh, she’s giving me a really scary angry face that makes her look like one of those stone statue things they put on churches and shit. I think I’m in trouble, Mikey. I think I’m about to get told off by Aunty Sara. Haha. Mick. Mike-Mike-McMickster. Hah-”




“Your machine is so rude. It totally cut me off. I was talking. Sara left. She says that I’m drunk and that she’s gonna get our stuff so we can leave, but I’m not drunk and I’m staying here. … There, I’m sitting down and no one’s making me get up. Mikey, I just want to talk to you. Even though we’re fighting. … You know, Seth was being really dumb tonight. He was going on about how we’ll make up really soon and- I mean, that’s not the dumb part, ‘cause we will, but then he said that I loved you, like I’m in love with you, which is really stupid because I totally don’t. I’m totally not. I’m not in love with you because you’re weird and you like Star Wars and you’re kind of a loser. Like, you kissed me and I pushed you away. Clearly I don’t love you. Because we’re friends. Best friends. You’re my best friend, Mikey, I don’t have anyone else like you. So obviously I can’t feel like that. I can’t. I can’t be in lo-… … … Oh, my God. … I’m in love with you. … Holy sh-… I’m in love with you. …Michael, I- I mean, I just-”



“Sorry. … Sorry, I hung up. I freaked out, kinda. And I’m sorry for calling and leaving you three messages, and I’m really sorry that I’m still sort of slurry but I had quite a lot to drink and… Oh jeez, I can’t believe I said that. Ha, I seriously just told you I loved you, I said I’m in love with you, I-… I am. Fuck, I- Oh God, I am so in love with you. … I don’t think I can breathe properly. Um, did it just get really hot in here? Like, I’m outside, but is it really hot all of a sudden? Sara! Sara, is the pier kind of spinning? Shh, I’m on the phone to Michael. I just told him I loved him. No, dummy, it’s a message, he’s not really there, see? Pft, you’re silly. Wait, don’t- … Hi, Michael? It’s Sara. Listen, I’m taking Caitlin home, I’ve got her, she’s fine. But I think the two of you need to talk, okay? Seriously. Bye.”




I’m sorry. Again.

I’m sorry for messing you around.

And I’m sorry for calling you when I’d had way too much to drink, and for saying all that dumb stuff.

But I meant it.

Seen 16:18

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