Leave A Message

Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. The two become friends, and slowly then all at once it becomes something more. Classic tale.
But this time it comes with a twist - all we get to see are the messages that Cat and Michael share over the two weeks that take them from friends to more-than. Told primarily through the messages left by Cat on Michael's answering machine, this story is about two college students trying to navigate an age-old transition.
Submitted for the John Green Fault In Our Stars competition.


4. November 1st/3rd/4th

November 1st



“Hi, you’ve reached… Maybe I’m out... Cheers.”

“Hey. Are you there? … No, I guess not. … Look, I just wanted to say I’m- … Can we talk? Please. Can we meet somewhere and just talk about what happened? … Okay, well… Let me know.”


November 3rd



“Hi, you’ve reached… Maybe I’m asleep… Cheers.”

“Michael, pick up. I know you’re home, James said he was just there. … How am I meant to explain if you won’t talk to me? I just want us to be friends again.”


November 4th



“Hi, you’ve reached… Maybe I just don’t want to talk to you… Cheers.”













From: sam.andersen@gmail.com

To: michaelfwilkins@hotmail.co.uk

Subject: Something Interesting



It’s Caitlin. Sam said I could use his computer to send this through his email account so that you might at least open it before deleting it. I really wish that I didn’t have to do things like this, you know, via email and all, but you won’t agree to meet up and you won’t answer any of my calls, so…

I don’t know if you’re even still reading at this point. You probably deleted this message as soon as you saw it was from me. But on the off-chance that you ARE still reading, I guess I should actually get on with the stuff that I wanted to say.

I’m so sorry about what happened at Sam’s. I get that you felt rejected and embarrassed and probably kind of angry at me, too. I didn’t mean for that to happen. To make you feel that way, I mean. It’s just that you caught me totally by surprise and… It was a pretty big thing. But you probably know that already. You probably thought about how big it was for a while before it happened. I THOUGHT you seemed a bit off that evening…

It’s so weird trying to type all of this out. I keep writing stuff then deleting it and writing and deleting and I can’t seem to find the right words. But I need to get this out, so maybe the wrong ones will just have to do. Hopefully I’m managing to get what I mean across either way.

So one minute we were sitting in Sam’s living room and talking and laughing and singing along with that awful song, and then the next you were kissing me. And for a second it was like everything just froze because I couldn’t understand what was going on. And then it all sped up again and suddenly it was as if it was going TOO fast, and then I’d pushed you away and run out and I was barely thinking. I wasn’t thinking about how you must have been feeling, or how things would be afterwards.

I just couldn’t take that change. It was so unexpected and different from the way we usually are. It made me feel uncertain and vulnerable and confused as all hell, and I just… I want us to be friends. I really, really hope that we can find a way to be friends again.

I’m so, so sorry that everything’s all messed up now.

And I hope you read all of this.

I mean, I used proper grammar and everything.

Please talk to me. I miss you.


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