Why Can't I?

My name is Lake Vayntie. I'm a normal 18 year old girl. I really love music, art, and books. I must admit I'm a little on the nerdy side. The awkward, people shy, rather have books then people, kind of nerdy. Then I meet a guy...


2. Kisses and Sex


I forcefully blew air out, blowing my bangs from my forehead. Sighing I stood up to walk to the bathroom. Harry looked around, oblivious to the tension. I could feel in, cold and hard in the air. My feet refused to move away. I was stuck in place right in front of Harry. My lips tingled wanting his soft pink ones on mine. My heartbeat was faster then a hummingbird. The feeling was overwhelming. I found myself leaning towards him. Rough hands gripped my arms, supporting my weight. I smiled as Harry’s eyes closed. Pleasure coursed through my veins. Involuntarily, my lips parted for my tongue to wet my lips. Harry couldn’t take it anymore and closed the space between us. His lips felt like the inside of a rose. Soft and plump, perfect. Our mouths synchronized like dancers.


“Lake…” Harry moaned as he slipped his tongue in my waiting mouth. All my weight was on top of his. Somehow he had rested my body against his. I was kissing Harry Styles in my apartment! It felt so good, so sweet.


A hard objected pressed against my hipbone. I giggled and straddled Harry’s torso. “Oh, Harry! Your big boy wants something!” I laughed hard as he cheeks flushed a deep crimson. Was it possible he found me attractive? I grinned, placing my pale hands on his bare chest. I stared into his vibrant green eyes.


“What’s our plans today?” he emphasized ‘our’ as he placed his hands on mine. I shrugged, watching him play with my fingers. Only then did I notice I was only in a bra and panties. Harry said we didn’t have sex but we were both practically naked. I frowned, confused. Did I turn him off last night that he didn’t want to have sex with me? “What’s wrong love?”


I took a deep breath. “Last night you said we didn’t have sex.” I paused to see if he was following. “We are half way naked and yet we didn’t do it. Why?”


Harry’s hands moved to my waist and started fiddling with the elastic in my panties. “Well, Lake. Last night you said something to me in the middle of what I call pre-sex. I’m not sure if you remember but you said you were virgin.” A grimace spread on his face.


I cupped his face gently and leaned down until our noses touched. “Thank you.” It escaped in a whisper as my lips connected with his. Large hands roughly gripped my hips and pressed me down. Automatically my hands found his chestnut curls. I playfully tugged on his bottom lip with my teeth. I laughed as a moan escaped and pushed off Harry’s bare chest.


“I’m going to get breakfast ready.” I quickly pecked his lips before climbing off him. I found his large white shirt and slipped it over my head. Harry gasped as I stroke a pose. Loud laughter came from both of us as I trotted down the hallway. I really didn’t want to cook. I pulled up where the nearest McDonalds was on my smart phone. It was in walking distance I decided. I smiled at my laziness and turned towards my room. Out of habit I started humming Nobody Compares by One Direction.


Without thinking I opened the door, forgetting Harry was in there. His back was to me but I could still see that he was naked. He turned around with a wild look in his eye. I screamed as I saw his front. Harry blushed without trying to hide. He slipped his briefs on casually.


“Umm…. Get dressed, were going to McDonalds.” I was the one blushing now and I looked away. Quickly, I grabbed a random pair of jeans and shirt while rushing to the bathroom. I just saw his junk and he didn’t try to hide. He was a tough guy to figure out. He will kiss passionately but won’t have sex because I’m virgin. Doesn’t mind me seeing his privates.


I zipped up my light blue jeans and pulled my dinosaur shirt on. Damn, my converse was in the room with Harry. Well I was about to eat breakfast with him s I will have to face him sometime. Better now then never. I opened the door slowly and tiptoed out. No sign of Harry so I slipped on my white converse. Act like nothing happened.


“She’s the girl I think…. Yeah…. No! I wouldn’t do that…. Were getting breakfast and no you can’t come Niall… I have to go. Bye.” Harry’s deep voice stopped talking. I waited a few moments so it wasn’t like I was listening. “Are you ready?” His smiled touched his eyes.


“Let me grab my purse.” Grinning, I stuffed cash and my phone in my purse. “Let’s go.” Harry slipped his fingers through mine after closing the door. My heart swelled with the feeling it was going to be the best breakfast I ever had.

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