Hogwarts' Adventure

Note: This is a fan fiction of the Harry Potter series.... But HP is not the star of it...

Mist is a witch, with family that has lived in America since the Mayflower. But, when she gets a letter requesting for her to go Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy, she has a bit of trouble keeping her parents from sending her away to live with this wizard family. What will happen? Who will she meet? Why are you reading this far? You'll find out in "Hogwarts' Adventure"!


2. Welcome to Britain

Mist and Neville had been in the car for about 3 hours and they had already gotten halfway across the Atlantic Ocean. Mist squirmed in her seat, hoping that Neville would see that she was uncomfortable. Neville didn't do anything, not even glance at her! Mist sighed and turned her head to the window. She the only thing she saw was water, deep, dark water. Mist turned her head back into the car and shut her eyes, thinking that she was driving to the Ice Cream Shop down the way from her house, her old house. She slowly drifted off to sleep.


Mist bolted awake. The car jumped up and down from the ground. Neville turned the wheel side to side hoping that would help. The car screeched to the ground, grinding the tires the asphalt road.

  "We are here," Neville said opening his door and walking to the trunk of the car. Mist sat in her seat, shocked of what had just happened. "Are you coming?" Neville said in a worried voice. Mist opened her car door and gazed outside.

  It was dark, dark enough to be called night. Behind the darkness she saw Neville standing next to a door. She slowly walked to Neville, unsure on what to expect. Neville opened the door and ushered Mist in. There was a narrow hallway leading to another, shorter, hallway.

  "Welcome to number 12 Grimmauld Place!" Neville chirped. A woman with bright red hair came charging down the hall, smiling  the biggest smile Mist had ever seen.

  "Oh! Hello Neville! I didn't expect you to be here so early!" The woman said with a brilliant voice. "And you must be Mist," She said turning to Mist and extending her hand. "Welcome! I am Ginny Potter, you can call me Ginny. Neville, she'll stay in the room next to yours, if you don't mind taking up her things," Neville hurried down the hallway. "Come now Mist, i'll show you everyone else." Ginny marched down the hallway, taking a turn to a very nice dining room. She walked along, not making sure Mist was following.

  After a while, she had lead Mist to a living room. Inside there was a man, whom seemed to be the same age as Neville, 2 young boys and a girl.

  "Hello, i'm Harry," The man said. The room was silent. "James, Lily, Albus. Introduce yourselves to our guest."

  "Hi. I'm Lily," The girl said staring at Mist.

  "I'm James," The, what seemed to be, older boy said.

  " 'Ello. I'm Albus," The other boys said, blushing a bit. "Who are you?"

  "My name is Mist," Mist said, glancing about the room. It wasn't very fancy, but people could live in it.

  "Your voice is different," Lily said. ("Lily, don't say that!" Ginny said.)

  "Yeah, i'm not from here. I have lived in America for all of my life." Mist said softly.

  "Well, welcome to Britain!" Harry said. Mist smiled.

  "It's nice to see that everything is OK," Neville said from behind. "Mist and I have been on a very long, long car ride. It would be nice to go to sleep."

  "Surely you must be hungry!" Ginny said shrilly.

  "We'll send you something once your settled." Harry interupted. Neville took Mist's hand and lead her to a flight of stairs. They stopped at the second floor. Neville had given her a, fairly, small room. It was filled with her things, a small bed and night stand. Mist flopped on to the bed and pulled up her suite case. When she opened it she got a very pleasant suprise. Her mother had packed her books. Mist pulled out her Bridge to Terrabithia and started to read.

  Mist was engulfed in her book and did not realize that Albus was standing at the enterance of her room with a tray of food.

  "Er- Mist?" He finally said. Mist jerked her head up, blushing deep red.

  "Oh! I'm sorry,er, Albus." Mist stuttered. "I was reading a really good book.

  Albus set the tray on the night stand and sat next to Mist on the bed. "What book are you reading?"

  "The Bridge to Terrabithia by Katherine Paterson. It's my favorite book," Mist said pushing the book to Albus.

  Albus gazed at the first page. "Can I borrow this book?" He asked quietly.

  "Sure. I'd be very happy if you read it." Mist said. Albus nodded and closed the book. He got up and handed the tray to Mist. She took it and tucked in. She finished her meal while Albus read more into The Bridge to Terrabithia. When she had finished Albus said good night and took the tray away. Mist put her night clothes on and walked next door to Neville.

  Neville was leaning against a desk filled with papers. He looked up and said, "Yes Mist?"

  "I was going to ask what was going to happen tomorrow." Mist said

  "We stay here for the next 2 days and then we go shopping for supplies for school." Neville said.

  "OK, what will I do for these next 2 days?" Mist questioned.

  "Well, Harry knows a good place to play Quidditch." Neville answered.

  Mist put on a puzzled face. "What is Quidditch?" She asked.

  "You'll find out later. Go to sleep," Neville said smiling. Mist walked out and when into her room. She shut the door and fell asleep.



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