Hogwarts' Adventure

Note: This is a fan fiction of the Harry Potter series.... But HP is not the star of it...

Mist is a witch, with family that has lived in America since the Mayflower. But, when she gets a letter requesting for her to go Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy, she has a bit of trouble keeping her parents from sending her away to live with this wizard family. What will happen? Who will she meet? Why are you reading this far? You'll find out in "Hogwarts' Adventure"!


5. Wands

Mist and Albus took off. They knitted their way through crowds and made it to Ollivanders. They quickly slid in.

  "Hello there!" a voice said. "My name is Ollivander. I suppose you are here to get your wands."

  The glanced at each other.

  "Well, one of you step up," Ollivander said.

  Albus, uncertainty, stepped up.

  Ollivander took out a measuring tape. Mist's eyes wavered off to other parts of the workshop. 

  There were hundreds of boxes on cubical walls. It was amazing. 

  "OK lad," Ollivander said after a while. He quickly made his way off to the walls. "Hmm..." he said as he gazed across the boxes, occasionally saying "Ah" and then frowning.

  He gasped and pulled out a box. He walked back over to Albus.

  "Fir, core of dragon, 12 1/2 inches and unbending. Try this," he said giving the wand to Albus.

  Albus took it and gave a flick. A small light came out. Ollivander smiled.

  "Well, that seems like the wand for you," he said, gazing at the wand. He turned his attention to Mist and said, "Little lady, your turn!"

  Mist sheepishly came up to Ollivander. He whipped out his measuring tape and began measuring her.  He measured her shoulder to finger, then wrist to elbow, shoulder to floor, knee to armpit and round her head. It was very strange.

  After about a minute of measuring, he smiled and stopped.

  "Let me fetch your wand," he said, and raced off.

  Albus was looking out of the window, eyes growing wide.

  "What is it, Al?" Mist said with curiosity.

  "There's this guy with blonde hair coming up here. He's walking with Draco Malfoy!" Albus exclaimed.

  "Al, I don't know who Draco Malfoy is."

  "He used to be my Dad's school enemy! Wait, Malfoy is handing the kid a pouch and pointing at this building!"

  The door opened. 

  "Um, hello?" a small voice said. A young boy with bright blonde hair came in.

  Ollivander turned around. "Hello there! You might have to wait a second, I'm with another costumer." 

  The boy stood there a minute and gazed at Ollivander, whom had resumed his work. 

  "Hello," he said after a minute. "I'm Scorpius Malfoy."

  Albus whipped around and snarled, "What right do y---"

  "Here you go little lady!" Ollivander interrupted. "Holly, core of dragon, 12 1/2 inches and surprisingly swishy. Give it a go."

  Mist gripped the wand and flicked it. A glowing light came out, which was similar to Albus's but brighter.

  Ollivander smiled. "Here you go! 10 galleons each please."

  Albus handed over 20 golden coins and exited the shop, almost leaving Mist inside.

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