Hogwarts' Adventure

Note: This is a fan fiction of the Harry Potter series.... But HP is not the star of it...

Mist is a witch, with family that has lived in America since the Mayflower. But, when she gets a letter requesting for her to go Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy, she has a bit of trouble keeping her parents from sending her away to live with this wizard family. What will happen? Who will she meet? Why are you reading this far? You'll find out in "Hogwarts' Adventure"!


3. Quidditch

"Wake up Mist, breakfast!" Neville was at the end of Mist's bed shaking her feet. Mist woke up, the sun streaming into her eyes. Neville smiled and said, "We have a big day today." He stood up walked out of the room, closing the door behind himself.

  Mist swung out of bed and put on an old pair of jeans and a sky blue shirt. When she opened her door Albus was walking down the way. He gestured her to followed him. Mist did, they tumbled down the stairs and went into the dining room where there were plates filled with eggs, sausage and toast. Albus and Mist both dug in and finished before Ginny could pour them a glass of orange juice. After a while Mist and Albus were exused to get ready to go out.

  "So what is this Quidditch thing?" Mist asked as they walked up the stairs.

  "It is a magical sport played on broomsticks. You'll love it!" Albus spoke. That made them both go faster. After a few minutes, they had gotten ready with a jacket each. Harry and Neville were speaking to each other and they were continually glacing at Mist. Mist shook this off, hoping it was nothing serious.

  Once the grown-up were done with what ever they were doing, Harry took out some wrapped parcels from the closet. He walked outside to a car and, after a while, Ginny told us that they (James, Lily, Albus and Mist) could go out and get into the car.

  Harry and James were in the front and Lily, Albus and Mist were seated in the back. Harry started the car with a jolt. They took off (without flying!) and drove for a short while. They drove away from town and to a deserted field where there were 3 large hoops parallel to another set of them. Harry drove a bit back from a set of hoops. In the middle of the field were 3 people, all with red hair. Everyone got out, Harry, James, Lily and Albus took off to see the 3 people. Mist slowly followed, not sure if she should.

  "Oh, this is Mist," Harry said, introducing Mist to the 3 strangers. They smiled at her.

  There was a man, a girl and a boy. The man extended his hand and said, "Ron Weasley, you may call me Ron."

  "I'm Rose, pleasure to meet you Mist," The girl said.

  "I'm Hugo. Nice to meet ya," The boy muttered.

  "Well, let's fly!" Harry bellowed.

  James and Rose went for a pile of parcels, both uncovering a broom. Mist glanced at Albus, hoping that he would help her. Albus gestured for her to grab the parcel at the bottom of the pile. She reached down to get it while Albus went for his choice.

  Albus turned to Mist. "Ok Mist, this is how you start to fly," Albus started off. "Place your broom down on the ground, side parrallel to you--" She did so, "Good. Now I want you to hover your hand over your broom and say 'UP'!"

  Mist shouted 'UP' a couple times. On her third try the broom flew into her hand.

  "Wonderful! Ok, now mimic me," Albus said. He put the broom between his legs, Mist did the same. "Make sure your hands are in the right place!" Albus shouted. Mist compared her hands to his. She shimied her hands up the broom. "Now, on the count of three I want you to kick off the ground. One-- Two-- THREE!"

  Mist kicked off of the ground, she hovered a few feet off of it. The everyone cheered, including Albus. Mist blushed, wishing that she hadn't. "Now, to go in different directions lean to different sides," Albus said after the cheering stopped.

  Mist leaned forward, her broom zoomed away from Albus. She leaned to the left, far enough to zoom back. Albus laughed, "I bet you know how to go up and down, am I right?"

  Mist leaned forward, she zoomed forward. She raised her broom up a bit, still leaning in. She slowly raised up in the air. She jerked the broom up, it went up, almost vertically. Mist clung to the broom and, still leaning forward, rose in the air. After a while, she sharply turned down. She came zooming to the ground, but before she reached the ground, she leveled out.

  Everyone cheered as loud as they could. Albus flew out to her. "That was amazing!" He shouted, "Where did you learn to do that?" He questioned.

  "I dunno. I sorta made it up as I went." Mist answered. Albus laughed.

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