Hogwarts' Adventure

Note: This is a fan fiction of the Harry Potter series.... But HP is not the star of it...

Mist is a witch, with family that has lived in America since the Mayflower. But, when she gets a letter requesting for her to go Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy, she has a bit of trouble keeping her parents from sending her away to live with this wizard family. What will happen? Who will she meet? Why are you reading this far? You'll find out in "Hogwarts' Adventure"!


6. Platform 9 3/4

After Mist and the Potters came back from their school shopping, Albus had started to say less and less to Mist. Soon, their time to go to Hogwarts had arrived.


"So, you get how to do it then?" Harry asked Mist, pulling her cart in front of a brick wall.

"Yes, but will it hurt?" Mist said, a bit worried.

"No, it won't!" James said, pulling his cart next to her's. "Watch me do it!"

James sprinted himself and his cart at the brick wall. He was engulfed into it.

"Whoa," Mist said. "Can I go next?"

"No," Albus said, striding up to her. "I am going next.

Harry was about to protest when Albus ran to the wall, swallowed up instantly.

"Alright, Mist. Go ahead," Harry said.

Mist gripped the cart handle. She slowly pushed it forward, gaining speed as she went. As she came closer and closer to the wall, she thought about what would happen if it didn't work. But, she kept going. She shut her eyes as the wall engulfed her.

A loud whistle made Mist's eyes shoot open. She stood in a new station area, with a crimson, gold and black train sitting on the tracks. She saw James and Albus pushing their carts to a neat pile of things. Mist started off to them.

"Hey, guys!" she said when she came close enough to them. "That was fun!"

James turned around and said, "I know! But, you only get to do it so often."

"Yeah, what about you Albus?" Mist said.

Albus slowly turned to her and said, "I guess it was fun."

They soon came up to the pile and dumped their stuff on it. The whistle blew again.

"Well, you guys better get a seat. I'm going to go see my friends." James said, then hurried off.

"Come, Mist. Let's get a seat," Albus said, not quite friendly.

"What's wrong Albus? Did I do something?" Mist asked.

"No, just promise me that you won't go near that Malfoy. His father was dangerous, so he must be too," Albus said.

Mist sighed, "Alright, I promise."

Albus smiled.

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