Hogwarts' Adventure

Note: This is a fan fiction of the Harry Potter series.... But HP is not the star of it...

Mist is a witch, with family that has lived in America since the Mayflower. But, when she gets a letter requesting for her to go Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy, she has a bit of trouble keeping her parents from sending her away to live with this wizard family. What will happen? Who will she meet? Why are you reading this far? You'll find out in "Hogwarts' Adventure"!


1. A Life Away

Mist sat in the corner, crying like there was something terrible to cry about. Infact, there was something terrible to cry about. Her parents stood at the door, talking softly to a man whom was wearing some silly garb. They looked back at her, staring with blank eyes.

  "You can take her," her father said, almost grinding his teeth. "Sara, go get her things." Her mother rushed away. "So, what do you do?" her father said turning to the man.

  The man replied with, "Oh, I work at the school. I am the Herbology teacher there. You know, the teacher of plants. You know, it is very interest---"

  "Oh, you teach a lady's job?" Mist's father interupet. "SARA, HURRY UP WITH IT'S STUFF!" He let "it's" roll off of his tongue. The man glanced at Mist, a deep look on his face. Mist's mother, Sara, came rushing back into the room holding a suite case and a little knapsack.

  "This is all Frank, this is all her-it's things" Sara stuttered. Frank nodded curtly and motioned for her to drop it onto the floor.

  "Well, that is that," the man said. "Do you have her papers?"

  Frank reached to his back pocket and pulled out some sheets of paper. "I've already signed it's papers." He handed them to the man, whom quickly signed them. Frank snatched them back and set them on a little table. "Have fun with this- this- thing!" Frank stormed out the room with Sara running behind in tears.

  "Well, now that that is done, I should introduce myself," the man said, looking straight at Mist. "I am Neville Longbottom, Professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Also, now, legal guardian of you. Shall we leave?" He picked up Mist's things and walked out of the house. Mist scrambled to her feet and followed the man, Neville, out. He was standing next to an old Ford Angelia. He opened the passenger's door. "Coming M'lady?" He said.

  Mist, gratefully stepped in. She gazed in shock at the dash board. There were too many buttons and levers for any normal car to have.

  Neville had already jogged around and started the car when Mist snapped out of her trance. Mist, for the last time, glanced at her old house. She saw her father and her mother staring out of a window, her father laughing and her mother crying. The car started to drive away.

  After a while they appeared to be in the most deserted place in town.

  "Where are we?" Mist said with a worried expression. She had never been to this part of town before.

  "This seems like a good place to really start our trip." Neville reached for a button and the car lifted into the air. Mist gazed out in pleasure.

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