Summer Love

What would you think if you moved somewhere new where you didn't want too??


1. But Why??

"ALEX!!! Come here!!" My mom yelled from downstairs. I slowly made my way down stairs. "What" I spat. "Packed your bags. Your going on a trip." She said with a smile on her face. "Okay!!!!!!" I said jumping up and down. I ran to my room to pack my bags. I shoved anything and everything I could. I didn't ask my mom where we were going. Oh we'll it will just be a surprise! *************After Car ride**************
We pulled into a big 2 story house on the beach. Yes. Perfect vacation for summer. "Oh my gosh!! How long are we staying?!?" I almost yelled at my mom. "You are staying for the whole summer." She said unloading my bags. "What? Only me!" I asked confused. "Yes. I arranged for you and your dad to stay together here. Acutely he arranged it." She said back to me. Why? Why would sh send me here and leave me!

A/n: Hey guyz! Sorry it was kinda a short chapter. But leave comments below and tell me what you think!!!:)
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