Deadly Secrets

Jaylin has finally found a guy that makes her happy and feel normal again, it just so happens that that guy is Liam Payne from One Direction. Everything is great until a face from Jaylin's past returns with deadly plans that could end everything.


2. Nightmares

Jaylin's POV

The warmth of Liam's chest disappeared as well as his steady breathing and soft heart beat. I already knew what was happening, I was being pulled back in time in a nightmare. A nightmare I knew I wasn't going to enjoy  I tried with all my might to get back to the cozy hotel room and back to Liam's warmth but, the nightmare was like quicksand the harder I pulled away the farther it brought me in. 

Than if on cue everything went cold and dark, the nightmare started like an old home video without any sound. I watched as I saw my mom doing the dishes after dinner. My beautiful mother she was always caring and she was one of my best friends, she was always there. I started to feel tears threaten to fall as I recalled that day, the day my life changed forever. The dream shifted and I tried to run away knowing what was coming. It was no use, I was surrounded by the video I yelled out for Liam,but nothing came out. I was alone and scared as I continued to watch horrified.

I now watched as  I was sitting next to my mom on the couch drinking tea and waiting for Cole my new step dad to come home from his office. It was then when the front door was slammed open and a very angry and very drunk Cole stumbled in. My mother rose to meet him but was shoved away as he slurred "Get away from me you whore! I knowwww your been sleeping with your boss Karen" my mother was shocked and I was mad, how dare Cole push my mom. I went to run to my moms aid but had been roughly grabbed by Cole. 

I closed my eyes not wanting to watch anymore, I screamed for Liam and although I made no sound I called for him until my throat burned. I started to cry, I couldn't watch anymore it hurt too much remembering it all. The video continued and I heard a loud clashing sound, I didn't have to look to know my mom had just bashed Cole in the head with a flower vase and he had thrown me into the lamp by the window. My body ached recalling all the pain I was in after having all the lamps glass removed from my body. "nooow Jaylin youuu don't be like your whore mother you give me what I want" he threatened as he neared me again. I closed my eyes tighter as I heard more clashing and glass breaking and last but not least the sound of a gun firing right as sirens began to trill outside, 

I cried the nightmare was over now and I was stuck in the dark alone with my thoughts and memories. Cole killed my mom, the only family member I had. He took her life and tried to take mine, but the police interrupted. It's been a secret I've kept from everyone except Harry my Best friend. Even Liam doesn't know. I start to sob and whimper as I realize how pathetic I  am. I can't even tell my boyfriend, the man I should trust with my whole life because I am afraid he will be crazy protective or take the news wrong and treat me like a child or worse I'll push him away because he is trying to help. I've grown up since this incident and Cole is in jail, I can handle it on my own. Still I shouldn't hide anything from sweet sweet Liam who is always here for me, who could never hurt a fly, who I could trust with  my life.

I screamed now confused and frustrated and scared and sad. I lost my mom, I wasn't about to lose Liam I loved him and he helped me escape this hell in the first place. All of a sudden I felt warmth on my skin, I was slowly returning to life. I could hear Liam's voice but not his words, then like being pulled from underneath the water I was brought back with a bright flash of light.

------- AUTHORS NOTE-----------

Hey guys sorry for the delay, my computer was down and I was busy with prom committee. Glad to say my computer working again, YAY!!!! haha and prom is over :] I already have chapter 3 ready and will try to update again this weekend. I will try to update every other week to every week. I'll keep you posted, please let me know what you think and get your friends to read it too please. Much love for now darlings Xx lily

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