~~~Valentine Contest~~~~


1. The Memories We Make

~Alice P.O.V~



"honey, wake up!" i awake from the foggy haze of my dream.

"hey" I say stretching.

i look at harry, he has a try with a glass of orange juice, a rose, pancakes, eggs, fruit and best of all whipped cream.

" aww baby" i say smiling widely

" happy valentines day babe" he says setting the tray on my dresser.

"come here" i giggle.

he lays down by me and i sit up on his stomach. i lean down and kiss his cheek.

"your so sweet " i whisper.

i brush my lips against his, not even a kiss. just to tease him.

"i love you" i say

"i love you too" he says.

i kiss him full on the lips, quickly break apart to sit up. i grab the tray and put it on my lap, i grab a straw berry and feed it to him giggling when i get whipped cream on him nose, i kiss it off. he grabs a cherry and sets it gently in my open mouth, i chop down, the sweet flavors exploding in my mouth. we quickly finish the meal ending in a whipped cream fight.

" i call the shower!" i yell running into the bathroom, whipped cream flying from my hair.

After the shower i go into my room and change into jeans and a Tee-Shirt. i go down stairs and Harrys in jeans and a sweatshirt.

"get a sweatshirt!" he says


"Its a surprise" he says grinning.

"Okay" i run upstairs grabbing a purple sweatshirt that matches my Toms.

we get in the car, still not knowing where we are going, im careful to watch and map where we are going. we pull into a parking lot to a big brick building, still not sure what it is.

we walk in and im practically jumping out of my pants excited. we walk in hand in hand. A ice rink!

"yes! omigosh!" i laugh



on our first date we went ice skating, 1 year ago! wow times gone by fast. we rent our skates and we lace them up.

" im going to fall right away! " i laugh. " i haven't skated since our first date!"

"you'll do fine babe!" Harry laughs " im the one we should be worried about!"

we step on the ice and i practical fall but Harry caught me, i laugh. we skate around hand in hand, its peaceful. we get stopped by the fans , asking for autographs and pictures, but im pretty much used to it.

"excuse me" a voice says and i turn to see who it was.

"ya?" it was a little girl in pony tails and figure skates.

 "can i have your autograph?" she asked nervously. she held out her book with many signatures from celebrities.

" uhm sure" i say unsurely i take the sharpie and book. "what's your name sweetie?"

"Olivia." she giggles.

I sign ' It was great to meet you Olivia, love Harrys girlfriend Alice.' 

"thank you!" she hugs me.

"yeah" i smile hugging her back.

"what was that?" Harry asks.

"she wanted my autograph!" i say smiling. iv never had been asked for an autograph before.

"guess my fame rubs off" he laughs putting his arm around my shoulder.

we skate for another hour or so, then we grab hot chocolate and cuddle in the stands watching the couples (or kids) skate around.

"this is great" i say hugging him tighter.

"yeah, im enjoying this. a lot" he says leaning his head against mine.

we leave after returning the skates. in the car before we pull out i turn to him putting his hand in mine.

"that was great" i said leaning in to kiss him.

"yeah it was, thanks for coming babe." he said

we pull out. he starts driving the opposite way of the house.

"where are we going?" i ask

"some where" he says with aa smirk.

"wherrreee?" i pout.

"somewhereeeee" he says laughing.

i turn away from him pouting. he laughs.

we pull up to fancy looking building.

"whats this?" i ask

"just follow me" he says

we walk in, i grab his arm and wrap mine around it.

"how may we help you?" an elegant women asked Harry.

" we need to find my lady the best dress in the store" he said.

"what?" i say.

" okay great follow me" she says gesturing for me to follow her.

after about ten dresses, we found the perfect one.,d.aWc&psig=AFQjCNEb8_Vom3agHyMTvNB-EyDhO4FS9w&ust=1359437341666544

(just copy and paste)

it was about medium length, turquois, strapless with a silvery belt around the waist, it was flowy and soft  the front stopping about at my knees the back went down a little further.  

i walk out of the dressing room to where harry was sitting. his face was in shock when i walked out. i blushed and giggled.

"you look.. you look.. you look amazing! im speechless" he gushes.

"thank you" i giggle walking over to hug him.

then he does something, i would never expect, he gets down on one knee, my hand shakily up to my mouth. he grabs one of my hand.

"alice, we been together for what seems like ages, it never gets old, im surprised by you everyday, by your beauty or humor, you just my everything and i want to spend the rest of my life with you." he pulls out a black jewelry box.

i have tears in my eyes by now, not knowing what to say.

"Alice.. will you marry me?"






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