The unexpected

A girl name tulip was playing online and is still lost on what love mean. Then she a guy and slowly falls in love with him and they finally agree to meet up at the concert and only wearing blue. She got the ticket he sent and it was a one direction ticket.She was so happy and couldn't wait for the next day but there was an expected turn of events....


1. The unexpected

Tulip was a young girl still don't know the secrets of love in the world. Tulip plays a online game and was playing around until she came to the same quest that she could never beat after many tries.

Then a guy came up to her and asked "hey need any help?"

Tulip replied"Yeah i need help to defeat this monster"

With this unknown guy's help she mange to defeat that monster so simply.She was so happy she thank that person and promised she will do one thing for her as long as its possible for her.

The mysterious guy replied "Well I want a girl to see me for who i am and like me for who i am on the inside not on the outside. So can you be my girlfriend?"Tulip was shocked my the answer and was unsure what to reply back. The guy got the hint and said " Well ill make u fall for me that u only have me on ur mind no matter where you are" Tulip smiled at the idea and agreed.

As each day pass by Tulip fell more and more into his trap of love woven with care.Though a thing that was bothering her was that he knows that her name is that he refuse to tell his true name even though he know her name. But she loved him anyways.

One day he asked her to meet up with him and go out for a real date. She was so happy and asked where to you buy the ticket. He replied "i already got one for you its a one direction band and a backstage pass and we will recognize each other if we only wear the color blue okay ;D"

Tulip smiled and replied "wow u thought of everything!you are so amazing" He faxed the ticket to her and she slept dreaming of how she will finally get to see the guy that she loved for such a long time.

The next day she stand at the door waiting for the guy in all blue to come.She waited and waited until the gates closed and the concert was about to start. Tulip felt like her lungs collapse and she was being tricked from the first moment. She took a breath and decide to find her seat and hoping the concert will make her feel more happier or at least better than now.

She finally found her seat and it was front row tickets she was happy for a moment but then she remember the betrayal. Then the one direction came out and appeared on the stage. Though Niall was wearing all blue. Tulip thought to herself that can't be true.

Niall's blue sparking eyes locked eyes with her and spoke in the microphone "I've finally met you my beautiful flower, Tulip" Tears of joy flow down Tulips face.

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