The Note~Louis (1Shot41D)

You've been toghter for two years now. But today is special. You get notes... Where will this take you?

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1. 1Shot (Louis Tomlinson)

Valentines Day with Louis ( 1shot41d)

You woke up in your cozy ,warm bed. Alone. Today it was the 14th February. And you know what that means, VALENTINES DAY! You thought about Louis. He's your boyfriend. You've been together for almost two years today. Exactly two years ago, on valentines day, Louis had asked you. You were at Nandos, and he'd just asked you. Out of nowhere. You might think it wasn't a romantic thing to do, but I didn't care. I totally dreamd my shelf away.

Suddenly I heard a noise. I snapped out of my daydream and listened. Nothing. That was weird. I thought to myself, and didn't think more about it. I jumped out out of bed, and walked in to the sower.

When You where done you put some clothes on, do your make up and blow-Dried your hair. I looked stunning. I went down to get some food. I took out a slice of bread, and some cheese and ham. I took some juice in a glass and sat down by the table. Then I noticed a note hanging on the wall over the counter. I Took it down and read:

This is your first hint: can you find me?? 'It's my favourite place in the world. God place to relax and enjoy fine company" :) xx

His name popped into my head, and a smirk made it's way to your face.Louis. You gripped the note, and made your way out the was freezing, and I pulled my jacket tighter to my body."prr" I huttered. I started to look around for something that could look like a Coffey shop. Starbucks. Of course it had to be Starbucks, how stupid I was. I started walking and Starbucks came into view as i rounded the corner. Moving around the people who crowded the sidewalk in the busy area, I pushed open the door to the coffee shop in hopes of finding a note out in the open.

"Would you like anything, miss?" a worker asked you when you came in.

"No, I'm just looking for something. Thank anyway" I said while looking around. There, on the table in the corner. I ran over to it and started reading:

I'm in love with you and all youre little things...

Lyrics rang in your head, causing your chest to tighten.

'good job, babe! next hint...I'm black and white. I have spots. (: xx'

You smiled shyly at the worker as you headed back out into the brisk air. Wind whipped your hair around you, leaves swarming around your feet.

Spotted with black and white.You thought, running your fingers your hair.I pulled out my cell phone and searched for descriptions of areas like that in Cheshire. Immediately, a result popped up. Milkshake City.
I laught. " you're such an idiot" I smiled to myself. , I headed to the next block where people were dashing in and out of the shop. As i passed the front window of the shop, there was a note stuck on the window. Pulling it off quickly, you read it.

"It's getting hotter, almost there."
You laught, and continued reading.

"Billy love to be here (you and Louis' dog), and it's the perfect place to take a picnic" ;) xx

"OMG, what?? What dumb person would go on picnic now?!" He's so Dumbfounded.I headed to the park.

Heading into the park, your boots cracked the leaves in the pathway. It's still frezzing outside. I walk deeper in to the park.At a tree a few feet away, with a picnic blanket under, the note is hanging. You jog over to it and read:

"Look up, love :) xx"

You look up, and in to two big blue eyes.
was all you managed to say, dropping the hints and pulling him to you. His warmth immediately cascaded over your body, his hands at your waist. He breathed in the scent of your perfume, resting his head on top of yours.

"You didn't honestly think I'd forget you, did you?" He whispers comfortly

"No" I whispered

"Come here." he finally said, breaking the comfortable silence. He pull out some roses, as you finally realized that he had yet to say something to you about Valentine's Day.

"Louis I-" Stopping in the middle of your sentence, as he got down on he's knees. You froze.

"Happy Valentine's Day, beautiful. Here."
He took you hand and hold it tightly, he put somethingon your finger.
Gasping, you looked down to see that it was. It was the biggest Diamond ring you'd ever seen. It sparkled so much.

"I,I..... Louis, it's beautiful" I stutterd

"Will you marry me, Y/N"

"Ofecourse i will, Louis" Tears fell down your cheeks, and he wiped them with his thumb.

"I love you. So much." Louis said.

"I love you, too." you told him

You got on the tips of your toes ,and kissed him.

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