Were Never Going To Work (Arranged Marriage)

I don't know this boy one bit to marry him. My parents never care about what I do so why do they care so much about this? All I know were never going to fall in "Love"EVER!


1. Proluge

I was a normal girl. I had my clique of friends that I simply adore. A lovely boyfriend, got all B’s and A’s in my classes. I was pretty normal. I’m a young girl at the prime of her life. I’m the captain of my prom comity so I can have my prom as I always wanted it. My college application surely was looked well upon. I am always happy usually. But my birthday this year made me another way.
It was lovely day today. It’s Friday number one and then I aced all my test. Plus on top of it all it’s my birthday. All my friends gave stuff too. Mustache rings, necklaces, sweaters or tape. To some random people screaming happy birthday and giving me cards and balloons. My bosky bear gave me a dozen roses, Adventure times Jake hat and a heartwarming card. With all this my hands were beyond filled, so I needed help taking everything home. After my meeting with the comity my lovely boyfriend waited outside for an hour to help me out. We walked home holding hands with the one free hand we both had. We laughed and talked about our day. As we got to my porch we put everything down and sat on my porch swings. He gave me quote on quote “A good way to end my birthday”. All we did was kiss; if we did anymore my brother would kill him in a heartbeat. After a good 30 minutes of this he decides to leave. Bye babe. I love you call me when you’re done your homework. He said getting up. I will, you know me so well. I said smiling widely. I know I wouldn’t be the best boyfriend if I didn’t. He winked at me. I blushed and looked away. Bye babe. He kissed my cheek and left. I grabbed everything and walked the house announcing my coming and went to my room to drop everything off. Riley come here. My mother sweet voice called. I walked into where I heard the voice come from. I went to the living room to see everybody staring at me. I felt a little unease from everyone staring at me. Honey I would like you to meet your new husband. He booming voice said. I looked around the room to see if I was the only one to hear this but I wasn’t they all looked serious about what he said. Your funny daddy. I said in disbelief. I just turned 18 today I can’t be married to anyone. A man on the couch against the wall spoke up. Listen Riley is it? He asked me. I nodded yes so he can continue. One day me and your father were watching a football game when you were about 3. We made a bet if I lose I married my wife. But if he lost his first daughter would marry my son. At 18 they would meet each other. He lost that bet and today is your 18 birthday so meet your new husband Logan. He finished. Weren’t arranged marriages out lawed years ago? My parents never cared what I did so why now?! It was just a stupid little bet why take it serious? I asked myself. What about my boyfriend or my friends or my say in this? I asked. You will break up with your boyfriend end contact with your friends after school and move in with Logan on Monday. My mom said. No no I won’t do any of that! I yelled. I just can’t drop my life for this little joke. Riley this is final. My father said firmly. I couldn’t take it anymore my life is over. I ran to my room and cried myself to a horrible sleep.
*End of flashback*
That was Friday today is Monday. I have to move with Logan. I argued with my parents about this but for once they were stern about something. I was shocked; nobody knows yet expects my brother and sister. They were in my room helping me with the last of my stuff. I got everything else earlier. I cried at the fact I have to leave my place where I could be me. Well Rye maybe this isn’t so bad? My brother said. I wasn’t the only was surprise to hear that. My little sister stops and looked at him to. I looked at him like he had 3 heads and was a scary monster. No! This is never going to be okay. I don’t even know him one bit. To move in with him by myself , what ifs he kills me or try something huh? I asked. Then I would get him for that Rye. I love you maybe this isn’t what any of us would see coming but we have to make it work. My brother said he looked at my sister half way in the sentence she nodded in agreement then spoke up. If you don’t want to be alone I will ask if I can stay with you. She said. I would love not being alone with a stranger 24/7. I told her. Riley lets go your car is here to take you to your new home. I sighed. I dropped the box in my hand and grabbed my brother. We might just have a fight but I love him. I love you I whispered in his chest as we hugged. I love you too. He said I felt a batch of new tears go down my face. We pulled away and he wiped the tear falling. Rye Rye I love you call me later. He said and grabbed his box and mines. My sister stood there to the side with tears on her face to. I pulled her in a hug by the arm. Addi maybe you can live with me. But if not you can come over anytime. Don’t grow up without me there. Ok? I said to her then kissed her brown hair. Now me and her are the closes. When she got her first boyfriend, kiss, period, F. She came to me. I was her second mom and I didn’t mind. I won’t .She said simply. I pulled away from her when my mom yelled again. She walked out with the last box. I was left alone. I looked in my room for the last time. It was so bear from its usual picture cover walls. I closed my eyes to and remember all the memories from this room. I closed the door. I guess this is going to happen no matter how much I don’t want it.

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