Were Never Going To Work (Arranged Marriage)

I don't know this boy one bit to marry him. My parents never care about what I do so why do they care so much about this? All I know were never going to fall in "Love"EVER!


20. .Con. 18

We get him and Addi smiles so wide. Just like how I use to with Peyton. I can tell she really likes this boy because I never seen her like this. I drive to where me and Peyton agreed to meet up at. As I pull up I see Peyton,and I'm starting to feel all the old feelings that I guess never really left. I just covered them with me and Logan. I'm not saying I don't have feelings for him it's just I don't even know. I must of been thinking and smiling like a idiot. "Missed me?" Peyton smiles. "Yes" I say. I unclasp my seat belt and get out. I hug Peyton and I see Maddi and oh how I missed her! "MADDI!" I scream running to her. " RILEY!" She screams back. I hugged her almost knocking her down. "I missed you so much Rye." She whispers into the hug. " Me too. why did you never text me?" I ask still hugging her. " I thought you would text me." She says. I let go of her. " Maddi you got a new number how was I to know the number?" I ask. "Oh yeah. I forgot that." She say and I laugh with her.  " Ok so I think it's time we get going." A guy claps and I can tell it's Maddi's boyfriend. " Rye meet Luke." Maddi says. " Ahh your the famous crazy Riley?" He says and is that a accent I hear? " Yeah that's me" I smile. " Well Rye can I ride with you?" Peyton asks. " Yeah,and I'm following you guys right?" I ask. " Yup so lets get going!" Luke says Me and Peyton get in the car. Then shortly after start following Luke and Maddi. During we drive Addi and Louis talk about music and anything they sen funny. While me an Peyton caught up. He was talking about the tattoo school he is going to. I told him about the nothing happening in my life. We joked and laugh and I can tell when this boy was flirting and he was. But I will be lying if I said I didn't like it. We got their and Addi and Louis went straight to water. I set the blanket because I need a tan! I strip to my bathing suit and so does the boys and Maddi. The boys seem close. they also go to the water. " Tanning buddies?" Maddi ask me. "Yes! We need it gurl!" I giggle saying it. So we lay down. " So what's up?" Maddi asks. " How are you handling being with Peyton?" She asks over her other question. " Well I been in a car accident broke bones and is better now. I am still planing the wedding with Logan. But with Peyton I can't lie and say I don't feel anything for him." I say. " Ahh don't do anything you will regret." She warns. I just my eyes. I won't I'm not that dumb. " Who is this Luke guy and does he have a accent?" I ask. " Well he is Peyton middle school friend. And yes he is from Australia!" " Ahh lucky!" I tell her. " When do you leave I ask. " Um in two weeks but I come back for vacation and your wedding." She says. " SO I guess we are hanging out continuously until you leave?" I say. " Sure Rye," Maddi laughs. We continue talking and tanning after awhile Addi and Louis wanted to start getting ready.They waited a bit then so did Peyton,Maddi and Luke. I gave in to the begging and we started getting ready. We were all dressed and split up on the boardwalk. Addi and Louis, Maddi and Luke and me and Peyton. We played games and did all the rides. He bought me hoodies even when I said don't. Now we are sitting in a bench on the board walk. Drinking lemon aid and eating cotton candy. " Riley I really missed you so much. I tried moving on but that didn't work all I thought of was you." Peyton says. " Peyton.." I say looking down lost for words. " Riley tell me right now you don't feel anything still for me. Tell me you fully moved on." He says " Peyton I still do have feelings for you. I do. But I have to do this marriage." I say. " I know you are taking away your happiness for your family." He say. Now I notice how close Peyton was. " Riley I will never love anyone like I love you." He whispers as he starts to move in.

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