Were Never Going To Work (Arranged Marriage)

I don't know this boy one bit to marry him. My parents never care about what I do so why do they care so much about this? All I know were never going to fall in "Love"EVER!


10. Chapter 9

*2 weeks later....... Sorry for the time skip*

I sat on the stage waiting for my named to be called from our principal. I have the biggest smile on my face , nothing can take it off. I made it! I finished school in officially less then 5 minutes. After all the days saying I can't wait until I can leave school and not come back. It's the day I can leave but deep down inside I will miss it all . The struggle to get to stay focus and get an A on my English exam. Or the crazy memories from my AMAZING friends . Just the whole high school experience. Riley Jones. One of our top students! She is going California College for nursing. Congrats! My principal said. I walked up to him grabbing my diploma with right hand and shaking his hand with my left hand.I heard my name being called from the audience and on the stage. Thank you. I said before walking off to sit back with my fellow classmates for the last time. I watch the remaining kids get their diploma. When Peyton and Maddi got theirs I yelled for them like they did for me. And this is your 2012 class of graduates of Samuel Fel's High School!( That's is my school name ) Congratulations ! My principal yelled in the microphone. As he said congratulations we put our string thing to the left side to represent we are graduated. No we did not throw them up like in the movies. We got warned if you did that your cap will be taking away from you. So we couldn't do it. Sad moment for us all. I got off stage to see my mother teary eyed. She basically dragged me into a  hug. I'm so proud of your sweetie. She said. I am to Rye. My dad said. You did it! I'm so shocked! Addison said slapping my arm playfully. Addison! My mom scolded her.  Congrats. Rye bread. She said this time more sincere . Thanks Everyone.I smiled at them. We took some time for pictures and my parents were now talking to Logan's parents about my graduation party later tonight. I stood there not caring about the party because I honestly don't want one. When I seen Maddi and Peyton talking. I tried to slip away but my mom caught me. Where are you going? She asked. I'll be back your survive. I said as I turned and left them there. Maddi! I yelled and hugged her.(Riley, Peyton, Maddison.) "Riley!" "Hey Peyton" " Hey" So You Guys Coming To My Unwanted Party?"  "Yeah! But I have to leave early to pack." "Why?!" My first semester in fashion is in Paris. I leave tomorrow." " You have to call me everyday and let me visit you down there." " Of course!" " How about you Peyton?" Yea because I'm dropping you off." What? Why?" " As our last day together I want to end it on a good note." "Aww. This is to cute ans sad ." " Yea it is" " Well I should get going so I can start packing. Bye Peeps!" " Bye" " Bye Red head" " Ok lets go" " Where are we going and I need to tell my mom I'm leaving." "Call her and tell her. " " Fine take me away" (Colorful .... Like M:) I pulled out my phone and text my sister saying I was with Peyton that I will be later. She agreed and we are now on the freeway. You're taking me where? I asked starting out the window watching the car and trees going by. I fixed my dress polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=63673842 . You'll see in less then 15 minutes. Peyton eyes never left the road. Being the good driver he is. Ugh! Is all I said. This is our last day together. It finally hit me like a bag of bricks. We spent everyday together these last two weeks. Making leaving each other so much harder, but then Logan has been spending every moment  we are both home together. Making me want him so much more. I want them both but I can only have one and at the end of the day no matter what I do Logan is going to be the one that stays. He is my soon to be party animal husband. There is no changing it, no getting out of it. But I don't know if I really want out anymore. Peyton made a right turn and I seen a fair. I love fairs. From the delicious food to the games. The rides and the fun radiating off of everyone. It's just one of the places to be, not to mention I'm a roller coaster junky. We're here! Peyton said putting the car in park. As our last day I wanted to take you to your favorite place. I smiled at his words. He looks like a tuff guy but he is such a softy. I undid my seat belt and gave him a kiss on the cheek. I take that as you like this. He asked raising a eyebrow. You bet lets go! I said getting out the car. Peyton got out and locked our fingers together.We walked into the entrance and straight to the ticket woman. Can I get two unlimited wristband please? Peyton asked the man smiled and put our  wristbands on. We paid the fined of  20 dollars and went on our way into the fair grounds. What do you want do first? Payton asked. Food then the biggest ride! I said dragging him to the funnel cake stand. We ate our fried goodness and did plenty of rides. We played some games and he won me a karate Domo. We were having so much fun enjoying each other company. The sun was finally setting and phone was buzzing out of control in my pocket. I finally took it out and seen everyone was texting me asking where was I that everybody is at the party for me and I'm not there. I exited out of the messages to look at the time it was 6. My party started at 4. I grabbed Peyton who was shooting basketballs into a hoop. He shoot it and missed basket because of me grabbing him. Sorry but my mom and everyone is about to have a cow that I'm not at my party. I told him directing to his car. Wow time flies when your having fun. Peyton said. I was just thinking that. I told him. We both got in the car and put on ours seat belts on and he started to drive to my house. Riley after today I don't want to lose contact with you. You were technically my girlfriend now. But you're also my best friend. Peyton said to me. You think you can get rid of me that easy? I joked. No but  I wanted to make it clear. He said. I waiting to get to my house. My phone was going off still but I let it go. I mean I was on my way there.
*Finally home*
Are you coming in? I asked. I didn't want to go inside all alone . Yeah, let me turn my car off. I waited for him. As I was about to get out Peyton grabbed  my hand. One last kiss? I know when we step into your house your his not mines anymore. He eyes said it all. Everything he felt about the moment. It held sorrow, jealously, and lust. I never seen in him before. I guess there is a first for everything. Ok. I simply said. I leaned in and so did he. We finally filled he distant between us when I felt his soft pink lips on mines. I will surly miss that. Riley? A voice said. I broke away from Peyton to see who had call me. It was no other than Logan's mom. Fuck! She thinks that me and Peyton broke up and me and Logan are well I guess together. We're dead!

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