Were Never Going To Work (Arranged Marriage)

I don't know this boy one bit to marry him. My parents never care about what I do so why do they care so much about this? All I know were never going to fall in "Love"EVER!


9. Chapter 8

I was woken up a little after my nap from hunger pains and the loud music. Before I go down stairs to raid my food supplies, I get change. I put on a pair of black "Pink" yoga pants and a oversized black pullover sweater. I tied my hair into a messy bun and remove any sign of make-up. I put some random socks on and go downstairs. I pass the living room to go to the kitchen . But walk back when I notice nobody there. Logan? I called through the empty house. I waited for a response but got nothing. I went to the I Home and turned off the most awful song , The Motto. The word "YOLO" and "SWAG" just get to me. At first they were cool, but it got plain annoying. But anywho! I called his name again, but still the same results. I shrugged as long as I don't have to open the door for him. I continued my journey to get food . I got my self a slice of cheesecake, a water, Nutella and Oreos. Weird combination of food. Oh well! I'm hungry! As I walk pass the living room Logan comes in from outside. The smell of cigarette following him.You smoke? I asked shoving a Nutella dipped Oreo. No but Jaden does. I went outside to talk to him. Logan said. Well aren't you hungry? Logan said looking at my arms filled with food. Yea ,that hour and half nap got me hungry. I said sitting down on the couch. Well you promised me to hang out, so let me have an Oreo. Logan said grabbing an Oreo straight out of my hands. Then sitting next to me. I did. What do you want to do? I asked. Well lets play 21 questions! Logan said moving himself into crisscross applesauce way. I did the same making sure my food was close. Ok start it off. I said. Ok. What is the badest thing you ever did? Logan asked. 'I left home for a week. Now was your first love? 'I trashed my house with a party and my first love was Shelley Jones,Your's?' 'Peyton Payne is mine.' Isn't he your boyfriend?Since we're talking about first how about kiss?' 'Yes he is and Chad Bolten, he turn out to be gay.' 'Mines was I don't know! That's kind of funny by the way.' 'Yea yea I know. Favorite color.' 'Blue.' 'Purple.' We did this for some time.All my snacks were gone and we finally reached question 21. All I got from this game is we're two different people. He loves rap and the style that goes with it. He rather party then study. While I rather study then party. I party when I can, he does it all the time. We're just complete opposite attract. Well for right now at least. ' Ok last question. First thought on me. Logan asked. I thought you were the boy who ruined my life and relationship. I promised myself to not to even talk, touch, even look at you. But I clearly failed. How about you? I asked him letting my feeling come out. I was scared he would say something and it would hurt my feelings. I held my breath as he opened his mouth. When I first meet you first saw you I could believe my eyes. I thought you were cute. I was happy I was getting married to you.But then you said boyfriend and I was like whoa dere boy! I stopped my feelings for you right there. I just hope that deep down inside you felt like I felt. At first you were lets a handful to me so, I was one to you. But I ended up seeing the night we went to my parents the always beautiful calm and collect side of you. Then at that point I something came over me and you had me. Logan said. I stood there and just smiled widely. That was Cute! Asdfghjkl! Was all I could think. Riley? Logan said. Breaking me from my freaking out in the inside. Yeah? I responseded. Tomorrow do you wanna go out shopping? Logan asked me. I felt the heat rush to my cheeks. Is this a date? I asked him. If you want it too. Logan winked at me. Well one more thing. Can I ask you something? Logan smile suddenly turned into a frown. Making mines do the same. Sure ask away.I told him. Are you still with your boyfriend? He asked. Yes but since all of this he decided to end it when school finishes. I said looking down thinking, well reliving all mines and Peyton memories. Our first kiss,saying I love you. Everything. Just knowing the best part of my life is at an end. I went to happy to sad in a blink of a eye. I'm sorry I asked and ruined everything. Logan said grabbing the trash and walking out of the room. He came back in and hugged me. I didn't mean to make you upset. He said. I looked into his gray eyes that were filled with sorrow. Wanna watch a movie to lighten the mood. I asked. Yeah. Logan wiped tears that fell from my eyes, that I didn't know that fell. I turned on the T.v on putting on. Get him to the greek, my favorite movie. I got comfortable on the couch and so did Logan. Half through the hilarious movie fatigue hit me. I fell to sleep right there with the boy who is slowly taking my heart.

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