Were Never Going To Work (Arranged Marriage)

I don't know this boy one bit to marry him. My parents never care about what I do so why do they care so much about this? All I know were never going to fall in "Love"EVER!


8. Chapter 7

Riley P.o.v
 I woke up the next morning in the same position I fell asleep in. I wiggled out of Peytons’ arms and stretched and yawned. I swung my legs over the bed and let my warm feet touch the freezing cold floor. I flinched a little but made my way to the hotel bathroom. I did my daily need like brushing my teeth and washing up in the wonderfully warm shower. I washed my hair from all the products that were in it from last night. I got out and wrapped a towel around my body. I went to my overnight bag that was packed last night and throw on my clothes I finally found this [y_large] . As I put on my bra and panties I hear Peyton stirring. Good morning. I smiled at him. Lovely morning see you in that. He winked at me. Well enjoy the view because I’m putting my clothes on. I said. I turned around and pulled up my pants. I heard the bed squeak then arms around me. Before I take you home want to stop by the café around the corner?” Sounds good to me” “We need to talk about us real quick.” ”Go Ahead.” “Well I think after school ends we can end for your and my sake. To make everything a little easier.” ”I don’t want this to end.” ”Well me either but I will always be here for you” ”Well I’m going to jump in the shower. Peyton said before leaving me with kiss on the cheek. Why does he have to keep giving me mix signals with this? One minute were loving couple kissing and all, then we are depressed and facing the horrible fact that we have to leave each other. I finished getting ready and went to my phone that was charging. I seen I had a message from Logan so I check it real quick. I smiled he can always take me mind off of things. I don’t know why but he does this. (Purple-Riley, Blue- Logan) I plop down on the bed and had my phone in the air reading.
What you doing today?
Hanging with Peyton. How about you?
Nothing hoping you want to hang out?
Sure if I’m not with Peyton all day.
Sounds like a plan :) .
I was about to reply went Peyton voice distracted me making my phone fall straight on my face. Ow! I sat up and rubbed my nose. Who you texting? Peyton asked fixing his hair in the mirror. Logan. I said locking my phone. What did he want? Peyton asked raising his left eye brow. To see if I wanted to hang with him today. I said like it meant nothing. What did you tell him? He asked I could tell by his facial expression he was getting upset. Why does it matter? I questioned him. “Because it does Riley. I’m your boyfriend just tell me. “I told him if I wasn’t hanging with you all day then yea.” “You’re really hanging with this dude?” “Yes you know I have to spend the rest of my life with him. So.” “So I don’t want you hanging with him.” “Well that’s not going to happen. Why are you jealous anyway?” I asked heated from this argument that was going on from something so small. We were bickering and fighting like little kids trying to convince the other they had the toy first. I was tired of this fighting. I don’t even know why I asked something to fuel the fire even more. But nope little old stupid me had to keep on going. Why could I just say ok to him and make it end. This is supposed to be our last days together so we shouldn’t be fighting. There was a tense pause in the room. “Want to know why? I’ll tell you why. Because I don’t want to expect the fact that my first love is going to have to leave me. After planning to get married and have the sounds of pitter patter on the floor. You being the nurse you wanted to be and me being the tattoo artist. I just don’t want to be without you. I’m jealous this random guy gets to do what we plan on doing since we first said “I love you”. I’m so used to you being mines and all of mines just to be dropped because of this lets say unfortunate event. Riley it’s hard to move on. It’s harder when the other person is half way there.” Peyton said looking me in the eyes. He had tears brimmed in his eyes. He broke my heart with that, he confesses his heart to me and I’m just sitting here speechless. Peyton I didn’t know. I said my whole attitude turned around from being mad to being understandable. Let’s not fight let’s just enjoy the time we have. Peyton said grabbing me in a hug. Yea since we only have like 2 weeks left of our time. I agreed with him.  Lets just pack sign out and hang out. I said. Yea. He went his way to pack and I my way to do the same. We finished 15 minutes later we walked out and went to the little café. I order a hot tea and a blue berry donut. Jake paid for everything and we sat down and talk. So when is your wedding? Jake asked. I was taking back he really wanted to know about this? You want to know about my wedding? I asked raising an eyebrow. Yea. So when is it? He asked once more. It’s on Christmas. I don’t know really anything else, but Maddi and Addison. I told him. Well isn’t that a lovely day. He says sarcastically. I know. I gave the same sarcasm back. Are you excited about any of this? “Well kind of no. I don’t really know Logan like that to marry him. That’s why I want to get to know him.” “I understand. But do youlove him?” “No I only know he is 21. He is in to rap music. He parties all the time that’s it.” “You just get the older boys first me being 19 and him being 21. “  “ Ha ha yea, I never notice.”  I said. Peyton looked down on his phone then me. Well it’s almost 5 and I have work at 6 so let’s call a cab so we don’t have to walk. Peyton suggested. Ok. I grab my unfinished tea and donut. We got outside and into a parked taxi. I made it home in less than 15 minutes. Bye beautiful. Peyton says to me. Bye jerk! I said moving my way to the door. Peyton put his hand on his chest as if I hurt him. Ouch that hurts. He says. But I love you jerk. I said scooting over giving him a kiss. Bye now. I said walking out into my front door. I unlocked to hear music from the living room. I waked in direction to inspect what was going on. There was Logan and his little buddies listen to music playing Call Of Duty. BOOM SON I WON! His friend jumped from his seat and starting dancing to the music.  Yea only because I let you. Logan said rolling his eyes at his friend. I laughed at Logan, you can see it in his face he was mad.It was cute on him. All eyes were on me. Um I just got in. If you need me I well be in my room sleeping. I said before leaving the room. I got to my room and throw my bag on the floor and plop on my bed. A nap is what I require. I adjusted myself to get comfortable and fell into a light sleep.

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