Were Never Going To Work (Arranged Marriage)

I don't know this boy one bit to marry him. My parents never care about what I do so why do they care so much about this? All I know were never going to fall in "Love"EVER!


6. Chapter 5

After that I was dragged into the principal office with Jessica waiting for me. Jessica nose had blood on it and her left eye was bruised with a busted lip. I didn’t know I could do that much damage. Mrs. Jones I was telling Mrs. Wright that you both will be suspended I will give you your letters after you do peer mediation. Your parents were called and will be down here in 15 minutes. Next time I won’t be so grateful, I will take your proms away. I smiled weakly at the principal. Your stuff is at peer mediation waiting on you and Mrs. Wright. You’ll be assisted there separately. Ok. I said not caring I just wanted to leave and not see Jessica beat up face. I left first and then Jessica. We are going to do this again and next time I will win. Jessica said before we were separated. I sat in peer mediation for an hour talking about “How we should talk things out and not fight.” Or “Next time one of each other talks to another we have to go to a dean a.s.a.p.!” That was a waste of time, we all know if Jessica or I go back to each other what happened in that lunch will occur again. I was in my parents’ car going to their house for a little bit. Riley fighting again?! My mother asked. This wasn’t a first time thing, in middle school it happened 3 or 4 times. So I knew the drill for everything. My parents ask me why then they leave me alone. Yup. I said popping the p. How do you think Logan will think of this? Or his parents? What happens if they call off the wedding? My mother asked with a little bit of fear in her voice. They will think of me the same. Then if they do call the wedding off I can go back home with you guys. I said. Honey only if it was that different. My mom whispered. My father looked at her real quick. What are you guys hiding? I asked raising an eyebrow. No nothing. So how many days are you suspended this time? He asked and looked at me in the rear view window. Until Thursday. I said and looked out the window to see my old wonder memory filled house. I smiled the only bright side of this day is at 3 I will see my sister. I got out my parents said they had to return to work and will take me home later. I open the door to see my brother chilling on the couch. Fighting again? He asked with a smug look on his face. Yea. I said plopping down with him. How long and what is the damage? He always been a fan of me fighting I don’t know why maybe because he always was in one. 3 days and busted lip and nose. Plus a bruised eye. I said looking at the show on the TV. Ah more than the usual buries and cut. He said happily. We watch TV for a while then Tyler spoke up. So how’s everything with Logan? Tyler took me by surprise. Well we’re doing fine. Is all I said. I figured that the less my brother knows the less he tries to protect you. Yes I love him and everything he does for me but he can get a little over protective. That’s good. You and him are getting along? He asked. At first no then now yes. I said still trying to not give him the whole story. Before Tyler could keep on going my sister walked through the door.  Riley! She yelled and ran to hug me. I miss you so much! She said into my shoulder. (She’s taller than me) I missed you too, you ask mom about staying with me? I said with so much hope in my voice she would say yes. Yea mom said no that I’m interfering with your relationship. She frowns at me. I frown at her respond. Well I got to talk to you! I said dragging her to her room. What is it? Before she could get her sentence out I was spilling out my guts. I told her everything, what I was feelings, my worries and even the fight today. Isn’t funny that I go to my little sister for advice. But she really mature for her age. I think you should tell Peyton. Tell him about the marriage. If he understands what you are feeling then keep him around. But if he doesn’t then just be friends with him. Addison said. But the thing is I don’t want lose him. I said sighing. You can’t have both Rye bread. Addison said bumping shoulders with me. You know I hate that name. I growled at her. Yea I know. She said innocently. I pushed her and she fell off the bed. I bust out in laughter and after the death stare she gave me she joined in. All my heart by Sleeping with Sirens started to play. I grabbed my phone and answer it. Hello.”Hey Riley I’m so sorry for not talking to you earlier. “It’s fine I guess” ”I was upset I heard the most crazies thing from Maddi.”” What would that be?” I love Maddi like a sister but I know she can’t keep a secret for long. I told her I liked Peyton after a week of keeping it in she finally spilled and told him. But I can only thank her for it. “She said you were getting married, but it’s arranged so you can’t say no to it.” I took a deep breath ready for the end to come. It’s true. Is all I could manage to say. What? Riley why didn’t you tell me? How are we supposed to be together if you’re getting married TO SOMEONE ELSE? What else are you not saying? Peyton yelled in frustration at me. I just let him go I understand his anger I would be the same if this was happening to him. I’m I’m sorry. I said letting the tears fall. By now Addison was up hugging me. I need time to think. Peyton said lower his voice. I understand. Peyton I love you. Then the phone hanged up. He didn’t say I love you back. I cried. It’s definitely over. I cry into my sister shoulder. I need to go home and clear my head. I’m going home. I stood up and fixed myself. Well I tried I couldn’t see through my tears. You’re going to walk 45 minutes home? Just wait for Mom we can play X-box. My sister begged me. No I’m going to ask Tyler to take me home. You can come for the ride but I just want to be alone. I said huffing and puffing through the waterfalls coming from my eyes. After that I asked Tyler he didn’t deny me and drove me home. I waved good bye to him and my sister. I finally just stop crying. I unlocked the door and walked in to see a note on the living room table.

Gone out be back later-Fighting in school huh?

I threw the note down and change into pajamas. I crawled into bed and cried some more. I know I messed up really bad. This time he won’t forgive me and leave me for someone who treats him better. I surely don’t treat him right. I ruined the best thing in my life. Suspension for three days which means I go back on prom day. I sniffle the last tear and planed my week. Tomorrow I will just relax and look for dresses. Thursday I will go get the dress and see if I’m still going with Peyton. Friday scan in school then leave get my hair and nails done. To the final step check the venue and leave then party some. Hopefully this would live up to all the hype. Maybe it could be the most magical night of my high school experience.

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