Were Never Going To Work (Arranged Marriage)

I don't know this boy one bit to marry him. My parents never care about what I do so why do they care so much about this? All I know were never going to fall in "Love"EVER!


5. Chapter 4

Normal P.o.v
I woke up to my usual alarm clock and sighed. I was happy that it was Thursday and from last night was magical….. But frown at the thought of every Thursday me and my sister would stay up late playing X-box Kinect. I guess I’m home sick. What am I saying I miss my family! I could just see them but without a car and walking everywhere, you put somethings off. I wish I can sleep in, but school ends early next month. Which means…I got up quickly and look at my phone calendar. Next week is prom! I squealed loudly, I put my phone to my chest and fell on my bed. Why are you up? Logan asked sheepishly across the rooms. School! I yelled. What that means I need to get my prom dress and make sure everything is ok for the prom. The list went on for what I have to do for next Friday. I looked at my finished outcome for school I smiled and went downstairs to eat my breakfast and waited on Peyton. He walks 10 minutes to meet up with me then another 30 to school. He really is the sweetest boyfriend ever. It’s going to kill me to ends things with him for the wedding. He is my first love, the one you can never forget. It’s going to be the hardest good bye to say to best thing in my life right now. Yes maybe Logan can be the best thing that can happen to me but I don’t see it right now. Yes I’m giving him a chance, but it’s the best for our futures together. I finished my cereal and put it in the dishwasher. I put a water bottle and Ipod in my school bag. I got tired of waiting inside so I got my phone and sat on my porch. After minutes of waiting Peyton still didn’t show up. I had to leave for school without him. He didn’t call telling me that he wasn’t coming or nothing. I got up put my headphones and started to walk. Before I was half way there the evil witch from the west appeared. Hey bitch! She yelled. I pull out my headphone because all I could hear was my music. You don’t know how to answer to your name? She asked walking up to me. I wasn’t in the best of moods right now. First Peyton kind of left me hanging and I was homesick. Plus on top of that I’m late for school which means after school detention. So right about now I wasn’t for anybodys crap. Listen I’m not in the mood. I said trying to avoid any further conflict with this girl. But as I went to walk away she moved with me so I couldn’t move. I don’t care I told you I would get you when you least expect. That’s right now. She smiled evilly. Yea that’s not going to happen. I said and once again tried to move. Now she was annoying me. Riley do you think you can just disrespect me and get away with it? She asked. Yes I do and I will get away with it. I finish our little conversation and finally bumped her so I can continue my day. *Skip the walk and all the way up to lunch 7th period.) So Peyton is giving me the cold shoulder which is pissing me off even more. I don’t even know why he is doing it for. But I have a feeling Maddi told him about Logan. All she knows id that I’m getting married not that I’m giving him a chance. Ugh why does today have to be so damn horrible? I think I might just have to go see my sister after my detention, which is an hour long! I was sipping away on my water when someone smacked it out my hands and it spilled all over my pants. What the hell! I yelled in anger looking at my pants. After I looked at my pants I had seen Jessica laughing away with her stupid clique. Really Jessica? This is your payback. I asked yelling at her. The whole lunch room was looking at our direction. Yes it is. Have fun being wet all day. She giggled. I had it up to here with you Jessica! I yelled and started to walk to her table. Riley just calm down we can leave next period and go home. Peyton tried to calm me down. But it was too late I was beyond angry, with him and her! Right now I was about to blow and I not going to let no one stop me. You don’t talk to me all day and Now? You want to speak? Fuck off! I said to Peyton and made my way to a standing Jessica. For you you’re only mad that I got picked prom committee captain and you weren’t! I spoke the truth to her, that’s why she doesn’t like me!  Best believe you stole my prom from me! She yelled in my face. Yea Yea whatever. I said brushing her comment off. You did and I’m going to do something I wanted to do for forever now. She said getting as red as my hair in the face. She roses her hand in a fist and landed it on my cheek.  On instinct I swung back and got her right in the nose. After that we both kept on swinging our fist on each other. We fell and I was on top punching her face again and again not letting up on force I was using. Kids were all around us yelling and laughing at the sight in front of them. Teachers soon came and broke us up. But couldn’t pull us apart. I keep with my swings while poor little Jessica was trying to kick and or punch me. She wanted me off of her but I wouldn’t let up on her. Mid swing I was picked up and pulled away from her. Jessica was screaming curses words at me and being dragged away with the teachers. I was standing with there with the teachers yelling in my face about how I was wrong. But I honestly didn’t care she deserves every ounce of that beat down.

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