Were Never Going To Work (Arranged Marriage)

I don't know this boy one bit to marry him. My parents never care about what I do so why do they care so much about this? All I know were never going to fall in "Love"EVER!


4. Chapter 3

Deal. He said getting out and opening the door for me. Let the acting start. I gave him my hand to help me out which he took then kissed it when I was standing. Thank you. I said with a smile. Aww there are so cute. His mom squealed then hugged us both. See this isn't so bad. His dad said to us. Nope, I kinda like it. Logan said to his father in response. Come in! Lets get to know you Riley. His mother said pushing us inside. So Riley tell us about you! His overly happy mother asked. Well I'm 18. My favorite color is purple. I go to college in the fall. I absolutely miss my little sister and older brother.I can't wait until this wedding to marry your son.That's really it nothing wonderful about me I said partly lying and telling the truth at the same time. It's like I was playing 2 facts 1 lie game. You are something wonderful. Logan said then kissed my cheek. Causing me to blush real hard. Why did I let this boy go so fast? Why do I feel like this? Why didn't I give this boy a chance before? He seems so sweet. Stop thinking like that! Riley get a hold of yourself! Aw Thank you. I said to Logan. Well Riley I'm Linda and this is John. His mom said to me. I finally know there names now. I think you boys should go get the tea ready while me and Riley talk real quick. She continued. Logan and his father smiled and did as told. Ok Riley when do you want the wedding? She asked. I want it to be the furthest away as possible so I can figure everything out. Umm how about sometime next year? I said more like a question. No that's just way to far how about let me see I wrote down the closes day the venue has. She said looking in a book that was on the coffee table in the middle of the room. Ah right here! She said before sitting next to me. How about Christmas this year? She asked. Umm there is nothing further? I asked Yes but you said yourself that you wanted to get married soon. She said looking at me like  I was crazy. Damn me and my incredible acting skills. Yea Yea Christmas it is! I smiled widely and hugged her. Great ok now bridesmaids  She said sitting back pen in hand ready to write down names. My sister and my best friend and that's it.  I said Ok now colors and a theme .She asked as the boys came back to room with the tea. Logan's dad handed his mother a cup and Logan did the same to me. Well honey we were just talking about the theme. What do you think? She asked him. Umm whatever my future wife wants. He said grabbing my hand. Only if we really meant this little act we were putting on.How about like candy land or something. I said looking at Logan then shrugged when he look at me like " That's not gonna happen" . No that's more sweet 15 or 16 then a wedding. How about I plan everything and you can have the last say. His mom said before taking a sip of her tea. Fine by me. Me and Logan said together.
*Later that night*

Logan P.o.v
This nights been just a little different then others. One I wasn't out with my boys who are all over Riley. I didn't like that.I called dibs on her after they meet her. Yes I rather be single but that girl has a hold on me even if she hates me. Or the fact that I didn't know her for long and never had a full conversation with her. I do kinda like her. I haven't been tie down since Junior year in high school. Every since I started to see the player life I liked  it a lot. But now I'm starting to rethink my decision.Only if we really meant this little act we were putting on.Earlier I lied I wouldn't mind being with her.Just being with her point blank. I know we made a deal that we won't talk to each other after dinner. But I gotta get in this girl head. I need to know how she really feels. She might have a boyfriend but at the end of the day she is my soon to be wife. I like the sound of that Mr&Mrs. Chuck . I know what I told her earlier was a lie she not the only actor around here. I was driving back from eating with my parents. All I know about the wedding is on Christmas. I looked at Riley real quick to see if she was still awake. She was now my chance.  I don't care if she doesn't say a word. At least I can give us a try and she can give a try. I let out a deep breath of frustration from this whole situation. Riley listen I think we should stop putting up a act or lying and say how we really feel about this.I said. But to my luck she was acting like she always was stubborn. You know how I feel and I thought we made a deal. She said like Sadie off of Awkward.(Listen A girl mad me watch it once.) I know your lying and I was lying earlier. If I did have a choice I would mind it. You really are pretty. I wouldn't mind trying us out.Please don't push me away. I basically begged something I never do. Listen Logan I have a boyfriend-.I cut her off from finishing. I know and I just want to try this really bad. I told her meaning every last word. Logan I'm going to let you in on a little secret  She said. Finally she's letting me in after all this fighting me. Go ahead. I said so I can hear her secret. Even if I have a boyfriend. I would mind giving you a chance.I can't say  I want this but I wanna warm up to it.  I want things to turn out the way there suppose to you know? Like we meet the date then fall in love and get married. Like normal people. I would love to not put on my little stubborn act but I have to think things through. She finished. Well If you wanna do it like normal people then we shall do so. Riley do you wanna go on a date sometime? I asked her. Yes but after school and my other stuff. She smiled. I pulled in to the house and parked the car. I really like you Riley please just please think us over and give it a try for the sake of our future. I begged once again. I got out and did what I did earlier and open her door. Thank you Logan. She smiled at me. We walked side by side to the door. But before I unlocked it I looked into her flawless face. You look beautiful tonight. I flirted with her. You clean up good yourself. She said pointing to my outfit. Thanks. I really glad you're not snapping at me. I told her. Well I'm glad I'm not doing that. She smiled her wonderful smile. I leaned in on a hope she would to. I wanted for a second then I meant her soft pink kissable lips. I could kiss them all they if she let me. As things were progressing Riley pulled away. Open the door now it's freezing. She asked. I smiled and did as she asked. Does this mean we can sleep in the same bed? I asked her. Nope you have to work for that. She winked then disappeared up the stairs. Maybe this is going to be ok.

Both P.o.v
Hopefully what were doing is right. Maybe this can work out for the best.I really hope we can.

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