Were Never Going To Work (Arranged Marriage)

I don't know this boy one bit to marry him. My parents never care about what I do so why do they care so much about this? All I know were never going to fall in "Love"EVER!


3. Chapter 2

I sat in lunch with Maddi and Peyton. I was munching on my school lunch. When the one girl I hate the most walks by my table and bumps into my chair. Watch it  freak. She said then giggled to her little slut of a friend. Your excused. I said and rolled my eyes at her. Listen bitch watch who you're talking to! She said catching an attitude. Um you came to me so I will say what I will to you . I said  She raised her hand as if she was going to  slap me but Peyton grabbed her hand . Jessica just leave her alone? He asked her. She put her hand down. Riley this isn't over! When you least expect it I will get you. She said and walked away quickly. She isn't going to do anything she is all talk and no action. Maddi said to me. Then the bell rang. I  through my trash and said goodbye and walked to my next class. As I walked in Pre calculus  my phone buzzed indicating I had a new message. 
Unknown- I'm coming to get you early from school. My parents wants to talk to us about the wedding- Logan.
I sighed don't they get I don't want to do this? Or that I'll never love there son? How did he get my number probably my parents gave it to him.I locked his number in. Me-No don't waste your time! I'm not doing this! I replied to his text putting my phone on my desk. Ok class no work today! Mrs. Haper yelled to the class. I smiled and slipped in my headphones in. But my phone buzzed again. I picked it up a little irritated he replied. 
Logan -To bad I'm here getting you out now . See you in a minute.:)
The nerve of that boy! As if on cue the phone rang and I was called to the office. I took my time walked around the school. Stop by Maddi's and Peyton's class to tell them I was leaving and finally made it to the office 15 minutes later. I walked in to see a mad Logan siting in a chair. Come we still have to get changed! He said before dragging me out of school. Listen I don't wanna do this so why do we have to go. I whined inside the car trip back home. Listen Mrs.Mustache I don't wanna do this either . Your lock in to like I am so deal with it. He said to me like if he was talking to kid.That kind of hurt he felt stuck in this. I mean I did to but I thought he was more into this he didn't complain about it. He even tried to make a move on me last night. So I thought he in a way liked the idea. So if you did have a choice in this you wouldn't say yes? I asked in pure curiosity  No! I mean your cute and all but I'm young I wanna live life to the fullest. Like party ever night have a new girl under my arm every week. He said. I felt a rush of heat run to my white face. What is happening to me? I have a boyfriend! My eyes belong to him. But then again he is my husband.What am I say? I argued with myself.If you had a choice would you say yes? He asked me. I thought about it for a second. Maybe I been looking at this the wrong way? Maybe I should give him a try? But Peyton my first love. We might have started dating in 11th grade but we were best friends in the years before. I can't imagine leaving him right now. Even if one day I will have to. That day will be the hardest one ever. Well what would you do? He asked again. No I wouldn't. I have a boyfriend I love dearly and I would rather marry him then some random guy. I said referring to him going back to my No act. I honestly don't know what I think about this anymore! See were on the same boat here. But get changed into something fancy and you only have 10 minutes before we have to leave. Logan said parking then turning the car off. Ten minutes isn't enough time! I said Well then you shouldn't have take long leaving school. He said getting and walking to the house. He's feisty like me I kinda like that. No you don't Riley you don't like him.You love Peyton remember.I fought with my self again.   I started to mentally pick out my outfit and got out the car.As walked up the stairs I found out what I was going to wear,but why so early for dinner I thought to myself. I put this [polyvore]  on and sprayed myself in my favorite perfume.Let's Go! I got rushed as I made sure I looked ok. I walked down the stairs to see Logan in a button down shirt tucked in dress pants with converse. I mentally laughed at that part.But got dragged once again by Logan to the car. Isn't a little early for dinner? I asked . My parents want to get to know you and plan some events for the unwanted wedding.To top the night off with a small meal from a fancy restaurant  He said getting on the freeway. Oh I said simply. Turning my head and looking out the window. After 10 minutes we were off the free way in a nice part of town I never been before. The houses were big and so so beautiful. I said "Wow" under my breath. I heard Logan laugh lightly. I'm guessing you never been on this side of town. Logan asked. No. It's so beautiful down here. I said in awe. Yea it is. Great place to have parties to! Logan said pulling in to a all white almost mansion. Ok I know you don't like me.But I told my mom we are getting along great. So do me a favor and put your best acting skills to use. Logan then turn to me. I looked at him in his green emerald eyes. His looked like mines but mine have a twist of blue in them. I don't know I do don't like him a lot but I think I can come to good terms with him. But for now I will act like the way I was earlier before these crazy thoughts came into my head.So if this is going to be an act then I will have to respond like normal me. Fine but then you can do me a favor after this how about don't talk to me and leave me alone. I said with a hint of fake attitude in my voice

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