Were Never Going To Work (Arranged Marriage)

I don't know this boy one bit to marry him. My parents never care about what I do so why do they care so much about this? All I know were never going to fall in "Love"EVER!


19. Chapter 18

I was so spiked to be going partying. Yes I what I believe is love Riley but old habits die hard. I was getting text all day about this party. It was the biggest one on school campus before the fall semester starts. So who would I be not to go? I was on the way over with Alex. Not one of my close bros but it doesn't matter we were about to party! We pull up to the drive way which is already packed. We parked the car and made our way to the music and drinks and possible drugs. "You ready to party? "Alex asked as he pops a mint into his mouth. Yup I can smell the weed from here. "We're not going home until the sun comes out!" I say. The doubt! Alex agrees. We head in and we look around for people we know. I look and see so many girls I was in a "relationship "with. I finally spot my bros at the bar part of this house. Logan!! They yell beer in hand as I walk up they. Waste no time to give me a drink. I drink it up and go for a second then a third. After awhile I see Tyler . We talk and I stop because I see he has a girl with him and he wanted to go back to her. I get lost in the beat and the heat of all the bodies moving. Two drinks turn to ten. The smell of drugs soon became closer and closer until I was in the crowd joining them. Girls where dancing on me and me dancing with them. More drinks where put inside me until I could barely remember what happen next.

Riley p.o.v

I sit laying in my bed sitting up. Looking at the ceiling. I look to my right to see my sister sound asleep next to me. I couldn't sleep knowing Logan was at one of his crazy parties. I been to one and I know how he gets and act at them parties. I was for sure worried. I turned off the tv long ago in hope to get to fall asleep, but nope. After looking at my poster day dreaming, singing lyrics , worrying my phone lights up. I reach over and unlock the message. From Peyton. This boy.
Hey Rye you up? 
Hey Peyton yeah I'm up.... Can't sleep.
Aww why?
Not comfortable.
Ah I see.
So how is everything?

Okay. Addi is here and I got a fish (:
Sweet! So whatcha doing tomorrow?
Nothing much why what's up? 
Wanna go to the beach? Me and Maddi are going she gotta a boyfriend now ya know.
Really I haven't talk to here since her phone went off. And of course. 
Yeah and great! I'm falling asleep ttyl about the beach night love <3
Night <3
I locked my phone. Wow I miss my best friends so much I can't believe I been cope up in this house forgetting them. Tomorrow is going to be so much fun! Beach with people I love. I can't wait. I have to make hanging with them more a daily thing. With all the excitement I fell asleep. I woke up to my sister shaking me. "Rye..... Rye I made pancakes and bacon." I woke up as I heard bacon. "Bacon where lets go!" I said getting up. "Works all the time." Addi whispers under her breath. I go to see two plates set out. I grab one and sat down. "Thanks Addi." I say "Your welcome lazy. So what is today plan?" Addi asks. "Well I was thinking beach with Peyton Maddi and her boyfriend." I tell her." Maddi has a boyfriend?" She questions. I shook my head because bacon was occupying my mouth at the second. "Sure! But can Louis come?" Addi asked. "Sure let me ask Peyton." I tell her. I finished my food and get my and Addi phone. I give Addi her phone. "Text and ask if its ok with his mom okay" I tell Addi. I grab my phone and ask Peyton he says ok and that he would follow him in his car and we were leaving in a hour. I grab me and Addi a bathing suit. "Rye can you like chill when Louis comes." She begs. "Sure. I would stay far away." I say getting up to grab my bikini and get change. "Thanks Rye. " Addi smiles and grabs her shoes. I change and fix my hair to come out to see Addi ready texting. She is worst then me.I grab the beach needs. Then we're off to get Louis.

        (A/N okay filler chapter. Next chapter beach! What do you think about Logan at the party?.... Well thanks for the hearts,comments. You guys are the best. So I changed the cover likely ?  Love , Sapphire <3) 

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