Were Never Going To Work (Arranged Marriage)

I don't know this boy one bit to marry him. My parents never care about what I do so why do they care so much about this? All I know were never going to fall in "Love"EVER!


18. Chapter 17

Logan's P.o.v

I woke up the next morning to see Riley gone, but the shower running and music playing. She was listening to some new girl group that she was getting into I think their called Little something. I hear Riley trying to hit the high note with the music but failing. I laugh get up and go down stairs. I go to the kitchen make a bowl apple jacks and sit down on the kitchen island.  I pick my phone up and scroll through my phone. Replying to girls that text me scrolling my twitter like it's the newspaper. I was drinking my milk hear voice. " Get ready we're going out today it's going to be nice!" "Where are we going?" "You'll see when we get there.Now go take a shower!" I put my bowl in the sink and went to my room to pick out a outfit. I put it on my bed and grabbed a towel and hopped in the shower. Now it's my turn to blast music. I put on Kendrick Lamar and washed up. I hopped out and brushed my teeth rapping along to the verse when my mouth was free. I dried up and got dressed. I styled my hair like I always do and go down stairs. Riley was on the couch playing on the Wii yelling at Peach. Nothing new. "Ok let's go. I guess?" She turned off the game and put on her cardigan. Her hair in messy waves flying around. "Ok Riley just remember we have to do wedding plans today." I reminded her. " Not today we're not we're going to be little rebels." She said as we hop in my car. "You called my mom and told her didn't't you?" I asked " Yeah . But go to Frankel street and from there we walk." She said.  I did as told and started to go.

Riley's P.o.v
I planned out everything for today. I called Logan's mom earlier and ask if she could just do the wedding plans and she was beyond happy to. I mean she is already. First we would go to a little cafe then the carnival that was in town. It was the biggest one that comes and it only stays for a couple days. So why not go? Their is plenty of fatty food and all the big rides that I love. Logan was talking to me about I don't remember because I'm too excited about today! As he talk I keep seeing his phone go off saying he has a text. I bet it is his friends. I push it aside once we stop. " Ok we are here now what?" Logan asks. "Park and then we walk!" I say. We park right in front of the cafe and I didn't't even plan that part. "Ok we grab something to drink and to snack on then we're out!" I say! "Oh I need a good cup of Joe and a cookie." He says. " Well your in luck!" We walk into the store and get in line. We wait until we get to the front and Logan was on his phone the whole time. What ever he probably returning texts. "Hi what can I get you?" " Can I get a  iced mocha frappe and a double chocolate brownie." I order. "Can I get a french vanilla coffee extra extra and a chocolate chip cookie. That big one actually." Logan said pointing out the biggest cookie that was their. " Ok that would be $10.50" The cashier said. I gave her the money. Me and Logan grab our stuff. "So are we eating here or walking with it?" Logan asked. " Well might as well grab a seat and eat." So we walked to the closes booth and sat down. " So where are we walking to after this?" Logan said before biting his cookie. " Well just know your gonna fun and we walking for long." I said. Before anymore conversation my and Logan's phone goes off. We both pick up our phones. I unlock to see a text from Addi.
Addi- Rye I miss ya. Sleep over maybe? Just me and you.
I smiled I miss Addi so much I couldn't say no her. So I wrote back yeah I'll text ya when I'm on my way. I finish my drink and brownie.Logan was slowly eating and drinking. He was one his phone that's why he was taking forever. While I waited for him I went on Instagram and scrolled through peoples' pictures and was texting Addi back. "Ok are we done here?" Logan finally spoke to me. "Yeah are you done with your phone?" I asked a little annoyed. " Yeah I am lets go!" He said getting up. " Ok let's get going on to the next part of this day!" I say we walk out the door. "Which way?" Logan asked. " We turn this corner then walk two blocks and we're there!" I say clapped my hands. We started to walk and I have to tell Logan about Addi coming over later so he can get her. "So Logan I was texting Addi and she wanted to come by is that fine?" I tell him. " "Yeah sure that sounds fine." He says. " The thing is I told her we would pick her up is that okay?" I asked. " Yeah sure we can  get her after this."He says. " Is the carnival were we are going?" Logan asked as we could see the rides right in front of us. " Yeah it is! The biggest one in town." I tell him. " I was so dying to come here!" Logan says. " I'll race ya to the gates." Logan says  I start to run accepting Logan's challenge. " Hey not fair!" Logan yells as he starts to run. " Nothing is fair!" I scream. " Oh I'll get you Riley!" Logan warned. I laugh at his little threat I was a good distance away from him. Well I thought because seconds later I felt arms around my stomach picking me up and spinning me then put me down. But he didn't't let go of me. " Told ya I will get you." Logan whispers in my ear. I don't respond because I'm still laughing . " Are you ready to go on some rides?" Logan asked after I calm down with my laughing. " Yeah I wanna get on that one first!" I said pointing to the biggest ride. " Sure you won't baby out?" Logan nudges me. " Yeah I'm sure." I said nudging back. We get to the ticket man and we buy unlimited ticket pass to everything. We can play as many games and get on as many rides as we want! We got in the carnival and went straight to the biggest ride.  We were like kids in a candy shop getting on rides. Playing games eating carnival food. Just having a god time. The sun went awhile ago and my feet were hurting! " I think it's time we go home." I say as I eat my blue cotton candy. " Yeah I was thinking the same but one more game then we can leave!" Logan begs. " Ok which one?" I ask. " That one!" He says pointing to the game where you have you make a ring on top of a bottle and you win a fish. I can never win those games but why not. We walk up and get our bucket of rings. I was not even close to making any of them on the gold bottle to get the prize. Logan was so close every time but he would miss. I grab one more and and toss it hoping for the best. "We have a winner!" the man yells. I look around to see who won because their one lucky motherfucker! "You  little miss you won!" he said pointing at me. I  straight off the back had a big smile. "Which fish do you want?" I pick the smallest the fish and take it from the man. "Thank you!" I say to him. " You're welcome." He says. " Logan I won a fish!" I say as we walk away to leave. " Yeah. Lucky. What are you gonna name him?" Logan asks. I look at the bag and the gold fish big eyes was starting back at mines. "Squishy." I say. " Why Squishy?" Logan asked . " I don't know it fits him." I say. " Well when we get home we have to get him a tank and food." Logan says. " When we get Addi we can go with her!" I say as we reach the car. " Wanna drive? " Logan asked. " Yeah! I'm tired of being drove around. I feel like I'm in driving Mrs. Daisy!" I say giving Logan Squishy and grabbing the car keys. I sit and buckle up. I started the car and start to drive home. It wasn't't a long drive. But the whole way Logan was talking on the phone. We get home and I park the car. We go inside and Logan hands me Squishy and goes upstairs. I hear the dresser drawers open and close. I call Addi to let her know I was going to get her and to get ready. " Logan I'm going to get Addi and get Squishy his tank!" I yelled to him. I get a faint ok and I grab my keys and put Squishy on the table and leave. I drive the long drive to my house and jam out to music. I park the car at mom's and go in the house. I see Addi on the couch with my mom and dad. " Hello?" I say " Riley!" Addi gets up and hugs me. " Hey Addi." I smile at her " You ready to go?" I ask. "Yeah let me get my bag!" Then she was gone. " Hey sweetie how are you doing?" My mom asks. "Fine." I say plopping down on the couch. " How is physical therapy?" She asks. " Good it just hurts sometimes." I tell her. " You should tell them that doesn't't sound good." She says looking at me. " I will." I tell her. Then Addi comes back. "Okay I'm ready." She says. " Ok bye mom bye dad." I say getting up. We get in the car and my phone starts to ring. I answer it. It was Logan.
Hey Rye I'm going out tonight and I'm staying my friends house .
Oh ok Logan
Ok Bye.
Before I finished he hanged up. I put my phone down and start to drive. " So it's me and you tonight!" I tell Addi. "Sister night!" She says. " Yup like old times. Oh and I got a fish today we have to get stuff for him." I tell her."Really what kind? What's his name?" She says. "He is a gold fish and Squishy." I say as we pull up to the Petco. We grab everything we need and on the way back we stop at Starbucks for drinks. We get home and set up Squishy new home and start catching up on everything we have missed out on. After awhile Addi falls asleep in my bed and I let her be I go to Logan's since he's not coming home and go to bed too. I just can't shake that Logan is up to something.

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