Were Never Going To Work (Arranged Marriage)

I don't know this boy one bit to marry him. My parents never care about what I do so why do they care so much about this? All I know were never going to fall in "Love"EVER!


17. Chapter 16

Logan's P.O.V
Ever since the accident I can't help but feel like some of this to be the blame on me. I ask Riley to come out that night I gave her another drink. Then I was suppose to drive back but I was to drunk to even remember what happened that night. If only I was in the driver seat then Riley could of came out of this with just a sprained ankle. Not a broken leg , shattered arm and a puncture lung. I basically did this all. So when I found out Tyler was helping her out.  I knew I had to step up to the occasion. Even if my help wasn't needed I would help no matter what and that is what I did. I even said sorry everyday. Riley might say she forgives me but I still feel horrible.I got up from my nap on the couch an stretched out and turn the TV off. I went to the kitchen and started to look through it. I found Oreo's , I put half of the package contents on a plate. I grab two glasses and filled it with milk. I manage it fit all on my hand and made my way to Riley. I knew she was back because I could hear the music coming from her room. I got to her room and knocked with my foot, seeing my hands were occupied. " Come in!" She yelled and then I heard the music get lowered. I put the plate down in the dresser. I opened the door then grabbed the plate again. " Are those Oreos?" She asked. "Yes they are." I said, as she grabbed the plate and her glass of milk. She started to eat and I sat on the edge of her bed and couldn't help but notice but something was different  I know her leg cast was off for a fact but there something else. " So what happened in the doctors?" " Well they took off my leg cast." " I notice that." She smiled from my words. " Well they also did something else." "Well what did they do?" I asked. She stretched her arm out at me. That was the thing that was different she her arm was back to normal. "Ah your cast free!" " I am! Now I don't need your help anymore." I put my hand over my heart pretending to be hurt. " Oh I see how it is." I said she punch my arm playfully. "So now that your a free woman what is the first thing your going to do?" "Well there is something I can't do and I have physical therapy soon.But I'll get it over now then I can put the more important things in my plan." Well OK but what is your plan for right now?" " Go to the store and get some food, you wanna come?" " Sure what are you getting?" "Well I want Alfredo noddles for dinner so I guess dinner stuff." " Well I'll put on my shoes then." I went to grab the plate and our empty glasses. " Leave the Oreos."She said as she look through her dresser. I did as told and went down stairs. I looked for my shoes and grabbed my phone. When I was done playing a round of Temple run 2. Riley was ready,her being the cause of my death. "You got ready faster than usual." I said. "Logan you take longer than me remember?" She said . We got in the car and I notice that we needed gas. I drove to the gas station with Riley singing with the radio. I filled the tank while she when inside and racked up on gum and slimjims." We need noodles,chicken,sauce,and brownies " Riley said as we reached the store. We got the stuff and we went back home."I cook,you relax OK." I said. "No I want help." Riley said being her normal suborn self. "Fine." I said not wanting to argue over something so stupid. I season the chicken and put them to cook. While Riley washed the dishes. Half way through cooking chicken I put the noodles. Then Riley started with the brownies. I finished our meal and Riley but the brownies in the oven. I set our plates and grabbed two Mountain Dews'. " This is good thanks for making it for me." " No problem anything for you." " Well when is the next time we talk over the wedding plans?" "I don't know I'll ask my mom tomorrow.She's mostly likely sleeping now." "Oh OK  "When do you start school Rye?" " The school didn't send me any papers yet." " Well when you do I have to get you car so you can go back and fourth. " " No that's fine.I'll get a job and buy myself one." "No your not working for it, it's a gift Rye." "Well thanks but no thanks." "Your welcome" We finished eating then ate the very good brownies. " Do you want to watch Loiter Squad with me?" " Yeah let me get changed." I went to my room changed to sweats and a tank top. Riley knocked. " Come in" " Hey I lowered the ac since you try to freeze me with it." She said plopping down on the bed. " Its fine well I got the DVD you ready for some laughs?" I asked. " Yeah I am!" Riley said. I laid down on the left side of the bed Riley taking the right. I grabbed her and cuddle with her. My arms around her waist,her back facing me so see can watch TV. Half way through the season Riley turn around and faced me. I feel the tiny tickles of her eyelashes on my chest. I grabbed the remote and turn the TV off. "Thanks for everything Logan. For helping me and at the party showing a fun time.Thanks" She said before I stop feeling her eyelashes bush my skin showing she was asleep. I moved her bangs out of her face and kissed her forehead. "No thank you for not giving up on me. For sticking through my crazy self." Then I said something I just started to realize. That I thought  I would never say. " I love you Riley." I grabbed her tighter than fell asleep myself.

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