Were Never Going To Work (Arranged Marriage)

I don't know this boy one bit to marry him. My parents never care about what I do so why do they care so much about this? All I know were never going to fall in "Love"EVER!


16. Chapter 15

Riley P.o.v

A couple weeks have past by since the accident and boy has it been a trip.Everyday I was taking a bunch load of pills. Two antibiotics for my stitches in my lungs. Then there was all the pain killers,which made me tired.So basically I've been cooped up in my room. Since I can't really go no where. But that's about to change today. I go to the doctor to take my stupid  leg cast off and it gets replace with a removal one. Which means I can move around with crutches.Well my arm cast is going to make it kind of hard , but I can bare it . I've been wearing shorts because I can fit the jean over the cast. So getting ready today I pack jeans because I can change into them.I called my brother to help get in the shower. Basically he wrapped a plastic bags over my arm and leg so they don't get wet. Well I for one use my shower time to think. So that is exactly what I'm doing now.Yes I got over the fact of the accident but Logan still thinks it's fault. No matter how many times I say it's not. He tell me sorry everyday and does any to everything to help my brother with me.What do I have to do make him believe that shit happens and he couldn't control the other driver actions? I finish my business and call for help getting out the tub.Boy can't this appointment come any faster? "I'm done. I have the towel on. So one of yous come help me!" I scream in the quiet house. I hear a faint coming then the door opening. I press the towel closer to me. The shower curtain is pulled away revealing Logan." Hey Rye. I'm here to help ya." "I can see that." I helps me out that walks me to my bed. "Is there anything else you need while i'm here?" " Yeah can you past me my lotion and that's it." He does as I ask then heads to the door. But before closing the door stops and looks at me. " I know I say this everyday but I'm truly sorry." With that he left. I got changed . My brother started banging on the saying "I was taking too long and were going to be late." I left without putting on make-up and doing my hair. I guess it's wavy look today. 
*At the doctors*
Ok  Miss.Jones today I'm taking off your cast and maybe if were lucky then your arm too. But if it isn't then we are just going to change it. The male nurse said. I smiled and nodded. The doctor came in moments later than took off my leg cast. The saw scared the living day out of me. I swore it was going to cut into me. Yes I tried to get out of it but nope."My legs feels so free!" I said rubbing it with my free arm. The doctor laughed and started with the arm. I closed my eyes and let him do his crazy job" Ok can you move your fingers?" I tried what he asked and I could but it hurt. " Yeah but not with out pain." I said. Well there goes hope of having my cast removed. " That's normal. Since your arm was shattered. We'll put and Ace wrapped around it plan physical therapy for you." He smiled. "Ok sounds great.""Here a paper stating what you can and can't do with your arm." " Ok is that all?"I asked. He laughed then shook his head. " One more thing then your free to go. Do you get any pain in your chest still?"" Nope the only thing that is left over is a scar." I smiled wanting to go."It's seem like you healed up nicely." And before I knew it  I was on my way home." Rye how does it feel to be free?" My brother asks me. "Well Ty it feels fabulous. I don't need your help with anything any more" he put his hand on his heart. " Ouch that hurts." "You know I love you." " Yeah Yeah." We parked the car and let me tell you I miss being able to get in and out a car without help.It's a dream come true to be independent again. We walked in and I was happy to tell Logan what the doctor said. But he was out on the couch with 27 dresses on t.v. I laughed ,guess I'll tell him later." I'm going to get my stuff and go I"M FREE!" Tyler yelled. I shh'd him then pointed to Logan. He nodded then left to go pack. I followed to help him. Since after all he has been helping me for a couple weeks. We finished and hour later. I gave him a hug and he was off. I ran upstairs then jumped in the shower to scrub my leg and arm.

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