Were Never Going To Work (Arranged Marriage)

I don't know this boy one bit to marry him. My parents never care about what I do so why do they care so much about this? All I know were never going to fall in "Love"EVER!


15. Chapter 14

The music was loud and it was hot from all the bodies close to each other.There was a lights flashing changing in all different colors. Which was hiving me a slight headache. People were drinking,red solo cups were everywhere. Girls were grinding on boys and them seeming to like every moment of it. Jaden and Landon greeted Logan with a handshake and a beer. They hugged me and said "Shocked you'll actually came. " . Then handed me a cup too. I sipped the drink given to me and didn't't really like it. It left a horrible taste in my mouth. "Logan can I get something else to drink. " I yelled over the music playing." Yeah try this. " He said handing a blue drink. I drank it and it was so sweet it tasted like jolly ranchers. I gulped it down and ask for another,then another. Then a few turn into about a good 4 cups. I was no doubt about it on a buzz. I liked it though. I was doing things I would never do sober. Like taking body shots or grinding on random people. I lost Logan I don't remember where or when. But I was having a good time. I soon found Jaden.I went to him and I could tell he was more wasted then I was. "Jaden to you know where Logan is? " I asked stumbling over my own words. "He is over there. He pointed to a blonde chick then finally Logan. He was on the dance floor dancing all crazy. I laughed and walked to him."Logan I think we should leave you are beyond wasted."' I laughed why do I have the case of laughs? But even after all this I still know when we are way beyond from sober and need to leave. "Yeah lets go home." He agreed chugging the last bit of his drink.Then throwing it down somewhere. We left me basically carrying Logan to the car. I can at least walk straight. I get the keys out of Logan's pocket and unlock the car. I put him in and put the seat belt on him. I do the same to my self and put the keys in the car,starting it. The radio comes on right away. Logan is saying some drunken thing but I can't make out a word. I pull out of the parking spot to the end of the intersection. I stop at the stop light. I look to my right to find Logan fast asleep,that was fast. As I look back to the light, that was about to turn green any second now, I notice a bright white lights coming my way.Before I can put my foot on the gas or put the car in reverse. I was hit, hard, putting me in a painful sleep.

It was 2 in the morning on a peaceful night on Tommo street when there was a party being held at. One underage passenger and one of age were in there car when a sleepy truck driver feel asleep at the wheel. The passenger came on of the horrifying accident with nothing but a scratch , bruises and a sprained ankle. The driver on the other hand is not in critical condition but she is very beat up. Doctors won't give any information about this patient. The truck driver was perfectly fine. He was arrested on the spot and is charged with attempted murder. I'm Lilly Smith back to you in the studio. The new report on TV said. I watch and just broke down and cried. That was me there talking about. They make it seem like I died.

*Earlier that day*
I woke up with a pain in my arm, chest, and leg.Plus a mad headache. I look around to see where I was I, had a good feeling that I was in the hospital. I was right everything was white, the walls, floor, bed ,everything. I looked to my right hand to see my mom fast asleep on it. Tears stained her face. My father on the chair in the back sleeping too. "Mom" I finally had the courage to say. She opened her eyes slowly. When she seem it was me who called her she hugged me and I could feel the tears on my shoulder chest hurt when she hugged me but It was nice having her there.My father woke up when he heard my mothers loud sobs. "Riley. Baby girl we thought we lost you for good." He said wiping the tear from his eye. " Doctor she's up" He yelled. *Le minutes pass* "Well Miss. Riley when you were hit in the accident you broke your arm,leg and a piece of metal puncture your lung. We sealed it up in time but your chest will be in pain for some time. If the pain continues after a week tell us or even the pain the moves keep in contact. You will be able to leave in the morning." The doctor says leaving the room. "Were is Logan is he ok?" I asked I can see I go the worst part of this situation. "He is in his room." My dad said. "Can I  see him?" I ask. He nodded and leaves. My mom left to check up on my sister when the doctor came. Logan walked in. He gives me a faint smile then sits down. "Your dad said he had to go him and your mom will pick you up in the morning." He said. "Thanks.How are you?" " I think I should be asking you that.""Well I been better.""Me too.I'm so sorry I made us go to that party." He said looking down to the ground. I couldn't't really move so I just touch his hand. " I wanted to go you couldn't't control the driver." "But if I was drunk then I would of had be in your position." "Logan it's not your fault." I felt bad he ever thought it was his. Before he could say anything the nurse told him it was time to leave that I will see him in the morning. "Bye Logan" "Bye Riley.I'm so sorry" He said closing the door. I was so bored that I feel asleep. 
*10 the next day*
I got dressed in the clothes my mom brought me from my house and it was so hard doing anything. I tuck my lace in my leg free of a cast and sigh with relief that I was done. My dropped me off home and cleaned everything before leaving to work. It was arranged that my brother will help take care of me until I could do it by myself. This would be just fantastic. 

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