Were Never Going To Work (Arranged Marriage)

I don't know this boy one bit to marry him. My parents never care about what I do so why do they care so much about this? All I know were never going to fall in "Love"EVER!


13. Chapter 12

Riley's P.o.v
Right now I'm sitting in the dress shop with my mom,Addison, Logan's mom and Tyler. We said he could of hanged out with Logan but he had to see me in my dress. Addison was trying on dresses for her and Maddi , which I was texting. She is only going to be in Paris for the summer she returns a week before the wedding.I couldn't really pay attention to the dress talk. I was excited about tonight! I picked my outfit and all last night. I guess Logan and me are well on our way to be a happy couple. But I kinda feel like we're moving fast. I should be taking it slow.. I just got out a relationship. Maybe this whole summer we can become close and adjust to married life. " Honey how about this dress?" My mom asked all over Addi. Maddi and her have the same body type. They'll look wonderful." Yes this is it." I said, then just looking at my sister. weheartit.com/entry/44700947/via/promgirlsshop  " Ok now for you!" Logan's mom gushed. Without me saying anything I was pushed into the changing room with 5 dresses. I put on the first one on and I looked horrible in it. There was a pig puffy thing on my shoulder and ruffles at the bottom. I walked outside and half smiled. "Do you like it? " My mom asked. " Please say no!" Addison said stiffing a laugh. : This is not me." I said while rubbing my hand down the ruffles. The bad luck with the dress just began. Dress after dress I could say they got worst. I couldn't find any dress. They were either to tight and not good looking or just plain ugly. I was on the verge of tears from all disappointing dresses. " Honey try this one on." Linda the old lady who worked at the shop. I looked at the white dress and instantly could tell that this dress had something different about it. It gave me some type of hope of finding a dress in this looking. I already tried on 10. Not having to come back here. I slipped out previous dress and put the new one on. Linda zipped it up and turned me to the mirror. The dress was beautiful white. It fit my curves in all the right ways. This dress is the one. weheartit.com/entry/45060428/via/DRESSILYME626 I walked outside and stepped on the stool in front of the triple view mirror. Nobody spoke just stare at me. Tyler came up to me and hugged me. " You look wonderful. Logan is one lucky guy." He pulled and looked at me. "This is the one hands down." My mother said with tears in her unforgettable eyes." It is." I said with a smile on my face. " Ok will ring this up!" Linda said. I changed into my clothes. I walked up to Logan's mom who was giving the dress sizes to Linda. I seen the prices and blown away. It read "10,013" . "I will pay you back for this." I told her " No need my treat." She smiled. We left and they dropped me off. I walked in and Logan was with his friends,playing X-Box. " Hey guys" I said sitting on the couch. A course of "Hey"'s were returned and I watched them played. After a couple of rounds  I asked to play Dance Central. Jaden was the king supposedly but I will show him wrong. We start off in dance battle and I let him win. Then we go to the final challenge, the hardest one. I did the dance with ease getting a 100% and he got 55%. " Yeah I won! I;m the queen of this game,you been kicked off!" I did a victory dance. " How could you not be  tired?" Jaden asked sitting on the couch red from dancing." I'm just that good." I smiled. " Well guys I think it's time to go." Logan said pushing them out. " But I need my revenge!" Jaden yelled. He closed the door and went back to me. " Ok the movie starts at 8. So get ready." Logan smiled. " But it is only 5." I said. I know I'm a girl and we take long to get ready but not that long. " I need alot of time getting ready." Logan said sassy. We walked into our rooms and I started to get ready. I washed up and made sure I was smooth everywhere I wash my hair and hopped out the shower. My hair smelt like fruits. I throw on my Victoria Secret PINK underwear set then my clothes. I blow dry and straight  my hair. I put a twisty on the side on my head pinning it down. I did my make light and sprayed my favorite perfume on. I slipped on my white converse sneakers and grabbed my phone. It was only 7:00. I knocked on Logan's to see if was done. He wasn't he quote on quote " I just got out of the shower." and girls take long. Key the eye roll.I sat down stairs and watched like four or five episodes of Adventure Time. Logan finally came down stairs and I could tell we missed our movie. I turned off the TV and stood up. "I know we missed our movie.But if we leave now we can watch the last show." Logan said grabbing his keys. We rushed over to the theater. We bought the tickets with 10 minutes to spare. So we got a nachos and a cherry coke. 
*Skip the movie*
"That movie was the best out of the whole series!" I said walking to the car." I like the fighting scene the best." Logan said unlocking the car.
*Skipping the car ride*
"It's eleven but I'm hungry!" Logan complained. I was hungry too. But what do eat at this time? Dinner or breakfast? Dinner doesn't sound good right now. "Wanna make pancakes and bacon?" "Yeah buddy!Pancake time!" I laughed and walked to the kitchen. I got out everything for the meal. I put Logan on pancake batter while I started the bacon. Bad idea because he tries opening the bag of pancake mix and pulled it open leaving the mix everywhere. Even ourselves, I wiped the mix from my face and looked at Logan. He was covered in white, he looked like Casper. I laughed holding my stomach. "That is so funny huh?" "Yeah it is." I laughed then Logan cracked an egg on my head." This is war." I grabbed the raw bacon and threw it at him. He was trowing eggs at me. We kept up with until we smelled smoke. THE BACON! I turned it off and look at the mess we made. Logan did the same. "Here you got an egg shell on your head." He said walking close to me taking it off. I looked up to his dreamy eyes and got lost in them. Moments later the empty space was filled with our bodies. Me on my toes to reach his lips. The warmth, the sparks, the best kiss I ever shared with him. "We should clean this up." " We should." We got to work nobody said a thing. just did our work. We then cleaned our selves and as soon I as my head hit the pillow I was out like a baby.


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