Were Never Going To Work (Arranged Marriage)

I don't know this boy one bit to marry him. My parents never care about what I do so why do they care so much about this? All I know were never going to fall in "Love"EVER!


12. Chapter 11

We sat down on the couch just sitting there awkwardly looking at each other. So what to start off with? My father said looking at everyone. Well George we are fine with the plan and would continue with this wedding like nothing happen. He said looking at my mom and dad. I could she the relief come from my mothers eyes as he finished his words. That's good right? I asked. Yes but, Logan gets a final say in this. Logan's mother said. She then turned to Logan who was sitting right next to me.So Logan,honey, do you still mind doing this marriage? She asked him. I looked at him to see what was going to be his final decision. He looked shocked . I knew he was going to say no. Just drop everything and be the carefree 21 year old he is. But I  can't blame him,he wouldn't want to be tied down at 21. So I guess when I move back home I can get a job and Tyler can too and we can help pay bills. All I can hope is he says yes and continue on this, was at first force but then turned in to a blooming relationship.

Logan's P.o.v
She wants me to chose Riley family fate! How could she?! I just recently got use to the idea of getting married to this beautiful girl. Yeah I wouldn't mind being single again,playing girls and not be force to have to be with one girl for the rest of my life. But something made me wanna change the old me and become the perfect guy for Riley. Not play with her emotions and make my goal to make her happy for the rest of our life's together. So I couldn't let her go and say no. I had to say yes and prove to her that even with a choice to leave I would never to that to her.I was going to say yes. So I was saying yes because of those reasons never because I felt bad one bit. The only question was what would Riley want? Does she still want me? Or does she not mind that she would have to help her parents with their payments and be with her now ex boyfriend? Riley can I speak to you in private real quick in the game room? I asked , standing up asking her. Yeah? Sure. She got up and followed me to the game room. I sat on the couch and patted the seat next to me. She did as I motioned for her to do. Riley I have to ask you something. I started into her unforgettable eyes. I was guessing you were going to do that. She said. Ahh her sarcasm, I never could get mad at her for it. Well, what do you want me to tell my parents? I asked to see if what I was going to say would match up with the thoughts she had in her mind. Well I don't mind staying forever with you. Even if we haven't known each other for long.I couldn't be more willing to work on us getting to know each other and so much more. I really hope that you say yes to your parents so my parents can be a little less stressed about losing everything. She said showing a weak smile. I understand if you don't want to be tied down to me but I don't want you to feel force into this also. She said. I would never feel forced into this. I want this to and I don't mind working on us as long as Christmas day I get to share my last name with you. I smiled at her as I she the smile on her face rise. Logan thank you! Thank you! Riley yelled and kissed my cheek over and over again. I felt something that I have never felt in a long time. A rise of heat went to my cheeks. Then on top of all this weirdness. I felt sparks you can even say electric shocks when she touched me.  Ok Lets go tell them. I smiled. I can't wait to see my moms face! She squealed as we walked towards the living room. I shushed her and we sat down in the deadly quiet room. Well I think I made my decision. I said all eyes on me now. I say yes. I don't mind this marriage going on. I said. Thank you Logan. Riley's father said. Well on that note then next Thursday we are going dress shopping with your bridesmaids. My mom told Riley. Ok sounds fun! She said. I turned to her and whisper. " You and me tomorrow night movies. Breaking dawn, I heard it was good." She nodded. I can't wait until then. She smiled at me. They rest of the afternoon we talked to our parents about school. Then they left around 5ish. Riley made spaghetti and meatballs that was good enough to fill me. Tonight are you sleeping with me again? I asked. No not tonight sorry. She winked at me. That girl is trying to tease me. Two can play at this game. It's hot in here. I fanned myself then took off my shirt. I could feel her eyes starting at me. I'm winning this game so far. Well I think I will go to bed. I said yawning. It's only 8 o clock and your going to bed? She asked. Yeah I am. I said getting  up from my seat and walked away. I went upstairs laid in bed an actually fell asleep.

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