Were Never Going To Work (Arranged Marriage)

I don't know this boy one bit to marry him. My parents never care about what I do so why do they care so much about this? All I know were never going to fall in "Love"EVER!


11. Chapter 10

Right now I'm sitting her getting yelled at by Logan's mother and my mom. Logan's mom said that I was liar and a cheater. Everybody has left do to her and my mothers blow up. They wished me a congratulations and left. Logan is sitting next to me playing on his phone, not even caring. I mean I wasn't paying any mind to it but he can at least get off his phone. I looked at my sister on the opposite couch she mouth " Are you ok?" I simply nodded my head yes ans stared at the blank t.v screen. When the word that I thought I would never hear come out his father mouth. Lets all agree since Riley cheated on Logan the wedding will be off. George we will need our money back. He said to my father. What?! Me and Logan asked at the same time. This is now over. You both can go on in your own life. He said. My mother looked like she was going to break down into tears. Tyler take Addison upstairs please? My mother asked. He nodded and did  what was asked of him. As soon as they were out of ear rage I asked what was on my confused mind. What do mean you need your money back? I thought we were getting married because of a bet? I asked everyone in that room. I been lied to and I honestly don't like this.  See honey me and your father haven't been making enough money to play our mortgage  We were despaired for some money. That's when your father meet up with Logan's dad to hang out one night. They got the talking and came up with the marriage. She finished eyes watery. That is why she has been so strict on us lately. Everything seem so much clearer to me in a way. Please  John Linda give Riley another chance. She won't mess up this time. My father said staring  at me as if he was going to say " Right Riley?"  I don't know about this we will have to think about this. Logan's father said. He went to his wife and talked for a minute. So my parents couldn't pay the bills,so they kind of pimped me out. But I honestly didn't mind if it was for my family to have a home. This is the plan everyone. Logan's mom said to every one. Every ones eyes where on her. Tonight Riley you and Logan go home. Me, your father and Riley your parents will talk this over. There is no for sure answer about this. She finished. Ok I guess then we will be on our way. Logan said. I got up and we walked to his car. Logan do you think that their really going to end this? I asked. He hasn't said one word about anything yet. I honestly don't know. It would suck  I was just starting to like you. Logan said turning on the car. Yeah it would suck. I said. Do you wanna stop by McDonald's or something to get something to eat I'm starving! Logan said rubbing his stomach. Yeah I'm hungry too.  We drove to McDonald's getting their unhealthy goodness and ate in the car. During this whole time of eating I just hope that everything will work out. I can't be mad at my parents for doing what they did. They were trying to keep everything they worked so hard for. It was only understandable. Right? When we got home I changed into something warmer.weheartit.com/entry/41929685/via/swaggie_sandy This house is freezing! The AC is on blast when it isn't even that hot outside. Logan can you turn the AC down? I asked though the house. No! It's hot outside. He yelled back. Well I'm cold please? I begged now stepping outside my door to see Logan at the door frame of his,wearing sweats and white v-neck. How about this first one to the thermostat ( That is probably spelled wrong.) gets to have it the way they want? Logan asked raising an eyebrow. Before I could say anything he was running down the hall to the stairs. I quickly ran after him but me having on slipper made me slip on the wood floor making me almost slip . After I balanced myself and started to run again I heard Logan yell." I win it stays' how it is!"  I made my way to him and did my best puppy eyes. But I'm going to freeze tonight.Can you turn it down? I said with a pout lip to follow. Well then how about to sleep with me? Logan said ignoring my failed attempt  at a sad face. How is that solving my problem? I asked confused. This is probably another try for us to share a room. Well I can keep you warm.That is how it solves your problem. Logan said. Did I wanna sleep with Logan? Yes were not doing anything but I don't know. I could always put another blanket on me. But it would be nice to have someone with me tonight wouldn't be that bad. It kind of filled my empty filling I am having,from not having Peyton anymore. Knowing me and him will eventally move on. It honestly hurts. Fine but only for tonight. Don't get use to this. I said walking towards his room. I heard a Yeah! then footsteps behind.I opened the door to see a messy room. Nice room. I said sarcasitly. Yeah isn't a beauty? Logan said looking in awe. I don't think he caught the sarcasm. I made my way through the mess and plop down on his bed. Logan turned the t.v, then laid down next to me. I moved my self to get comfortable, Logan doing the same. His blanket was thick making me warm almost instantly. Rye is American Dad is fine? He asked. I nodded and slowly fell alseep laughing to the show. The next morning I woke up to a fully dressed Logan shaking me. Riley!Riley! Wake up. He said. I groaned loudly,why can't I sleep? Riley come on our parents are on the way. As soon as he said that I was fully awake. When are they going to be here? Iasked . In 15 minutes. I got up and rushed to my bathroom. I did everything from washing upto doing my make-up. I went into my room and slipped on my animal print under set with this on top. polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=63964988 I went down stairs hearing voices . There here, now for the moment of truth.

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