Were Never Going To Work (Arranged Marriage)

I don't know this boy one bit to marry him. My parents never care about what I do so why do they care so much about this? All I know were never going to fall in "Love"EVER!


2. Chapter 1

I sat in the car going to my new house I listen to my Ipod. Roger rabbit by Sleeping with sirens were on as we finally stopped. I looked out the back seat window up to a normal size house. It had an old look but I thought it look beautiful like it was.  I seen the porch and feel in love with this new house. I seen I think Logan is his name parents sitting out on it. My parents unbuckled their seat belts, so I did the same. They stepped out and walked towards his parents. I sighed and got out the car. I walked to where everyone was at. They all smiled at me and I didn’t return it. All your stuff is in the master bed room. Unpack and get to know Logan. My mother told me but I barely heard her over Kellin Quinn angelic voice. I rolled my eyes and put my hands on my chest. This could be the best thing that happened to you. His mother said to me. I don’t think being force to be married is a good thing. I said. Why is everyone happy about this? I asked myself. She looked taking back by my comment but brushed it off. Well this is our good bye. My mother said and they all nodded. They all gave me a small hug leaving my mother last. I know you don’t like this but it’s for the best of everyone. I love you Riley call me every day. She said then walked away. I stood out in front of the house as they drove away. What does she mean this is the best for everyone? As I was going to check out my house Logan and two boys walked out the house. Hey Riley? That’s your name right? He asked. Yes it is. I said. Wow dude you don’t even know your future wife name. The boy with two lip piercings said. Don’t call me that. I looked at him harshly. If looks could kill he is being killed. My bad. He said throwing his hands up in defense. Well me and the boys are going out. Don’t wait up. But don’t take the left side of the bed I called it already. He said Oh don’t worry because were not sleeping together. I said then pushed pass them in to a spacious living room. I turned my Ipod off and went to look around. We have 2 extra rooms, the master the bed room, and a her side his side bathroom. Plus the usual kitchen and living room. My boxes were in my room already. I didn’t feel like unpacking so I called the only girl that I know like if she was myself. The phone rang and on the second ring she answered.
Hey Rye Rye.
Hey Maddi. Wanna help me unpack and talk?
Um yea sure and you moved! Where?
Yea I’ll tell you everything when you get here.
Where is here?
499 River St.
Ok be there in 10 minutes. She hung up after that.
While I wait I searched for my I home so we can listen to music. After lifting heavy boxes I found it. I don’t even have a lot of stuff for it to be that heavy. I plugged it in and looked thought my phone to see I had a new text. Babe why didn’t you call the other night? I sighed and looked at the phone. How do I explain this to my boyfriend? How will he take this? All I know is that I’m not breaking up with him just for this. I can’t just throw away 2 years for this. I reply call you later then locked my phone. I lurked in the kitchen for some food and found pickles. I grabbed the jar and starting eating away. After I was almost done the doorbell rang. I closed the jar and put one last pickle in my mouth. I jogged to the door because now the door bell was going off the hook. Jeez I heard you the first thousand times! I said in annoyance. I open the door to see a red head girl. Maddi I heard you the first 10 times. I said and laughed at her. Just making sure. She said before walking in. Well why did you move and where is your brother? She asked looking over my shoulder. Well as you can see she like my brother a lot! I find it cute but when there in a room together it’s a flirt fest. Well I have horrible news. I told her. What did you and Peyton break up? She said walking toward me. No but I went home Friday and found out that I have to get married! I yelled in frustration. Haha real funny if you guys were getting married you would have called me in a heartbeat. She said brushing it off. I gave her my most serious face ever. Oh My Gosh! You’re serious. She said. Yup and I can’t back out from this. On top of that I have to drop Peyton and all my friends. I told her. No way! If you’re not marrying Peyton then who? She asked. It hurts to say I’m not marrying the love of my life but some random guy that I only had a three second conversation with. Logan I said his name with hate so much hate. Who’s Logan?  She asked me. Some boy my parents are making me marry! I said plopping down on the couch biting my pickle. She sat next to me. Can’t you talk your way out of this? She asked. Nope I tried already. There serious. I said. Rye. She said then hugged me. All I know is I’m not kissing, touching or even talking to this Logan kid. I told her. You’re going to get married to him you got to get to know him. I’m not marrying him that’s fine! I said. How are you not? She asked. I didn’t think of that part. I have been so caught up in saying no to it. I haven’t found out how to get out of it. I don’t know. I said honestly. Well everything is going to work out. She said before we just sat in a comfortable silence. Well let’s get to unpacking. I said getting up off my butt. Ok plug in your Ipod. Put on Live while we’re young by One Direction. I did as told and start to dance and unpack. After I think an hour and a half we finished. I decide to stay in a guest room. Like I said I’m not touching him or talking to him. My room was just as close as it was to my old one. I was happy. I looked at the time as me and Maddi lay on my bed and sing to whatever came on. It was 7 as if on cue our stomach growled at us , letting us know we are hungry! Let make chicken nuggets and French fries! Maddi yelled. I cover my ears. This girl is trying to make me deaf! Ok if we have it. I told her. We went down stairs and look for the needs. We found it cook ate then cleaned.  I put the left overs in the microwave. Maybe Logan will be hungry after doing god knows what?! You staying over? I asked not wanting to be all alone. No schools tomorrow see you tomorrow. She said putting her shoes and leaving. School I was not looking forward to. I usual love school. But not today, I walked to bathroom to take a shower. But there weren’t any knobs in the shower. I looked everywhere in that bathroom. Until I seen a panel with numbers on it. I put a random number and clicked enter. The water started to run. Ha I got it. I said doing a happy dance. I jumped in and washed up. I got out only in a towel. I stated to walk to my room to be stop by and overly drunk Logan. He- Hey wifey. He stumbled with his words. I rolled my eyes and kept walking. You look hot. Why don’t we go in our room and see what’s under that. He asked then laughed at his own words. I was repulsed he would ask that. Um your room not ours. And if you ever had a chance you just blew it buddy! I said upset. I opened my door and locked it and change into my SpongeBob shirt and ball shorts.(Outfits
[polyvore]) I fished tail braided my hair so I won’t have to curl it in the morning. I call my baby and talked until I fell asleep. I woke up to Save you tonight .By One Direction. Ugh I turn my alarm clock off and toke and shower change and waited for Peyton to meet me so we can walk to school. I made myself a bowl of coco puffs and eat in peace in quiet. The doorbell went off. I heard a “ Ugghh” from upstairs. Someone’s hanged over, I grabbed my phone Ipod and new bag. I open to the and smiled widely at my gorgeous boyfriend. Morning beautiful. Peyton smiled and kissed my lips. Morning. I said like the chirpy person I am in the morning. The reason you love morning I’ll never know. Peyton joked. Me either. I said playing along. Maybe I can tell you why I love the mornings. I said grabbing his hand and started to walk to school and tell my reasons to him.

The House-

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