Meet the Tide

Two lovers say their goodbyes as the world ends around them.


1. Meet the Tide

The two of us sit huddled together on the moist sand.

I clench a fistful in my palm and to my dismay

The grains did not filter through my hand but were saudered

To them instead, sea salt bonding the little rocks to my flesh.

The seagulls boasted overhead, their unwavering cries the only sound

For miles, their long white arms so distinct against the dreary grey sky.

Their unawareness bothered me, but when frigid spokes of rain landed

On my forehead and then my palm I decide I should spend my

Final moments more memorably.


“I guess this is it,” My companion sighs, his warm breath erupting

From his mouth like the steam of a dragon after he has set fire to the world.

Look at the two of us, a regular Adam and Eve we were.

It wasn’t an apple he’d choke on; it was the radiation slowly suffocating

Him that would result in his demise.

I clenched his hand tightly in mine, banishing the thought to a far corner

Of my mind, like a tamer- broken chair in hand, backing a lion into the darkness

Of his cramped cage.


It begins to rain harder, the sheets of acidic rain so corrosive I can no longer feel

My skin, pulled so tightly across my knuckles, translucent.

I close my eyes and as the seagulls stop singing, my ears are met

With the soft crashing of the tide on the shore,

Where the two of us sit huddled together on the moist sand.

I wished things had gone differently; me a vision in white satin,

And eventually bouncing babies on my lap.

“I guess so,” I say, as we lay down together, curled up and eye to eye,

Ready to meet the end, and ready for us to meet the tide.

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