Be Mine

Hayley went out on that night to have fun with her friends, but what ended up happening was forever going to change her. Niall was good-looking, smart, nice, and funny. But is his past gonna interfere with her feelings for him? Was she gonna trust him or let his dark past get in the way of love?


2. Shopping trip!

Hayley's P.O.V.

I woke up to my phone beeping. It was Jenny, 'The girls are going out tonight, wanna join?' 'Ofc! but I don't have anything to wear.' 'We can fix that. Be ready to go shopping at 1:00. :)' I smiled to myself at my bestfriend's text then looked at the clock in my room, it was 10:00. I slumped over unattractively, but thats okay because im alone in my new house, and walked to the kitchen. I poured cereal and milk into my bowl, i may not be a professional chef but i can make a mean bowl of cereal. After I finished I went into the bathroom to take a shower, I put my iPod on on my phone and got into the warmness. Once I was out i cleaned the steam off of the mirror, wrapped myself in a towel and stared at my reflection. My long blonde hair was wet, making it look brown. I walked into my bright blue room and picked out some clothes to wear to go shopping with Jenny. I picked out a flowy purple top, tan skinny jeans, and some purple toms.

 Jenny's P.O.V.

I looked at the clock. Twenty minutes til' 1, I decided to head to Hayley's place. I was wearing some tore up,blue skinny jeans and a kiss t-shirt that was my brothers but is too small for him now. I got to her house about 12:57 and i honked the horn repeatedly for bout 8 long seconds before my bestfriend in the whole world climb into my car. "Hey girly!" "Hey hot stuff." I said laughing as I pulled out of her driveway. As we headed to the mall we started singing all of the songs off of the mix tape Hayley got me for my birthday last year.

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