Be Mine

Hayley went out on that night to have fun with her friends, but what ended up happening was forever going to change her. Niall was good-looking, smart, nice, and funny. But is his past gonna interfere with her feelings for him? Was she gonna trust him or let his dark past get in the way of love?


1. Introduction

Hayley was 19. She had just moved into her own house and got a new job and was going to start college soon. One night, she was at a party and met Niall. He was amazingly cute, funny, nice, and also her age. Niall thought Hayley was amazingly gorgeous and immediantly wanted to ask her out, but instead settled for a couple dances and her phone number. They both really liked each other, but Niall had a past. A past that Hayley soon learned was full of secrets. Was she supposed to trust her heart or listen to her head that told her to stay away from him?

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