Masquerade of sight

Heyyyyy my name is Amy. I, am 14 and a half. I have friends, you could say that. Not the kind of friends most people have but they are mine. No one else knows about them, They can not be seen, They can not be heard, They can not be imagined, and they can not be talked about. You have never seem anything like them. Their only reason for them to be seen is if they are helping me in some way. Only I can talk, see, hear, and imagine them. Some people call me crazy. Others think theres something wrong with my mind, and I don't blame them, My parents died. Thats who I talk to. I see dead people. I talk to them. I dream about them. I hear them and I see them. All I need is to find someone who has the same gift as me. My journey begins now.



My name is Amy. I am 14 and a half. 2 years ago, My parents Marcus and Patrica were killed in a car crash with a logger. Ever since my parents died, our house got sold, some random person who lives half way across the world adopted my two brothers, and I now go to a boarding school for girls. The minuet my parents passed on, I had gotten this strange feeling. At first I thought I was going crazy. Every day after my parents died I started to see, hear, imagine, and dream about strange things. I used to think that my eyes were playing tricks on me, my hearing was getting bad, or I was going crazy. When I started to accept that something was wrong with me something wierd happened that made me think again, that I was crazy. 


What is going on with me? I thought as I seen a faint shadow type thing pass by me. "Amy?" I swear I heard my moms voice.  I turned around and there she was. Again a very faint shadow like something you would see in a movie when they imagine a loved one who has passed.... "No... it's not you. I'm going crazy!" "Amy, Stop it. I used to have the same doubts as you, but when your father and I both passed our gifts were passed on to you, Your gift is stronger than anyone's. Me an your father used to be able to see the greenlights too. Your father could hear and see them. I could Imagine them, and talk to them. So your gift is both of our gifts put together. You can see, hear,talk, and imagine them. You are not alone there are more people like you. You just need to look" And with that she was gone.

*Flashback over*

I went home that Night and researched the gift of greenlights. It is called The Soul Relam. I had the gift of a 39 Relam. The highest grade of Relam. I had more gifts than anyone, as far as I know. So I see ghosts.

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