Masquerade of sight

Heyyyyy my name is Amy. I, am 14 and a half. I have friends, you could say that. Not the kind of friends most people have but they are mine. No one else knows about them, They can not be seen, They can not be heard, They can not be imagined, and they can not be talked about. You have never seem anything like them. Their only reason for them to be seen is if they are helping me in some way. Only I can talk, see, hear, and imagine them. Some people call me crazy. Others think theres something wrong with my mind, and I don't blame them, My parents died. Thats who I talk to. I see dead people. I talk to them. I dream about them. I hear them and I see them. All I need is to find someone who has the same gift as me. My journey begins now.


2. Chapter 1

So It was my first day of college today. I hope I had a decent roomate. I started to walk up the path and as soon as I walked into the corridor there was an enormous emount of greensouls. Left right up and down everyw here. I went to the desk after getting a few strange looks from the students. "Hello dear! What's your name?!" The secretary said with a bit too much enthusiasm. "Hi. Uhhh I'm Amy. Amy Cordell?" "OHHH yes right here! Here is your room key and class list and classes. You are sharing a dorm with Rixon Dante." Great. Just Bloody Great. I get to share a dorm with a guy. Urgh. Well I hope we get on well. I took the elevator up to my room seeing it was on the 9th level. I'd have a great veiw of campus. I made it to my room, slid in my room key and just as I was going to open the dor, someone opened it. The door opened to reveal a tallish, tanned, brown haired boy with some really hot bright green eyes. He was wearing fitted jeans. Thank god hes not one of those guys who wear their pants half way down their buts. He had a black t-shirt on and a blue Hurley sweater on. He stuck out his hand which i shook. I moved my hair out of my eyes "uhh hey. I'm Amy. Amy Cordell. You must be Rixon?" "Nice to meet you Amy. Yes I am Rixon. Rixon Dante." He said with a smirk on his face. He moved out of the way so I could bring my suitcases in. I put them on my bed and walked over to the huuuugggeee window I had. "Pretty nice, eh?" I was startled by erm... Rixon! Rixon's voice. "Yeah except for the fact that it's not hard for someone to come creep on us. Y'know." He just laughed and walked away. I was a huge music fan. I really liked Digital Renegade, Pink, Hollywood Undead, Snow Patrol, Muse, Green Day, I also have a soft spot for One Direction. I really like Black Veil Brides. I Brought my 2 guitars with me and my most prized micrphone. I had it specially made. The body of it had a collage of sparkles making out my initials And the mic was dark pyrple on the top and had a gold ring around it. The rest of the body was covered in song lyrics.I set up my guitars at the end of my bed and I put all of my albums, consisting of 88 cd's on my shelves. I hung up my band posters and began unpacking, I took out my laptop and logged on to twitter and checked my followers. Well, Niall Horan and Harry Styles followed me. Big Deal. Yeah It was great but I'm not a huge drectioner, I like their songs I'm just not like a hardcore fan. I finished packing, then Rixon came back. "You like music too?' I heard him ask I looked up confused, as there was nothing on his side of the room. He made a hand motion for me to follow so I did. We walked into his closet and BAM. DEAD. "It wouldnt all fit in my side so i moved it in here." OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG.He is like ohhhhh. Man, he had 8 shelves of cds, Four guitars, Drums, Recording station, Mixing Board, and so much more. "YOU ARE LITERALLY THE COOLEST PERSON I'VE MET!" I yelled and without noticing I was hugging him. I let go and backed up. he laughed at me. "You Like my collection?" I just nodded "We should play. Y'know. Just for something to do. And your guitars are really nice. I'll grab my electric, you grab one of yours and we can play." he said and I ran back to my guitars and grabbed one and we started to play Bruno Mars. I think we were gonna hit it off. We both liked the same kind of music. If only he was the same as me,,,


Okay soo just clearing this up. My character doesnt like one direction very much. BUT I DO! I LOVE THEM. So just thought you should know before y'all go on judgin mee... Anyways! COMMMEEENNNNTTTT PLEAASSEE!

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