Niall's Princess

Olivia runs into a certain blonde boy from One Direction! Will he stay with her or leave her? He has to leave for tour!


1. Blondey

Shelly and I took a walk in the park like we always do on Saturdays but this Saturday felt different. I walk to the swings and sit down next to a blonde boy. "Hello"I say smiling. "Hello"he says in a thick Irish accent. "I'm Olivia"I say. " Niall" he says shaking my hand. "Do you happen to be from One Direction" I asks hopeful. "Yes I am but please don't flip out I just want a normal day in the park"Niall says. "Oh okay I'm chill"I say laughing. Niall laughs and starts swinging. "Ha"he says. " I'm swinging higher than you" Niall laughs. "Not for long Irish boy" I say swinging higher than Niall. I jump out of my swing and do a little flip to impress Niall. He whistles and jumps out of his swing. His phone falls out of his pocket when he does. I grab it and run up to the tallest tree in the park. I snap a picture of my self and toss his phone to him. "Call me sometime" I say jumping out of the tree and walking away. "I don't have your number" Niall says. "Look through you phone for the new contact"I says. " Is it the 'your park buddy'" Niall calls. I nod and walk out of the park
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