Smells Like a Rock God

An ode to Kurt Cobain, prolific musician and frontman of Nirvana.


1. Smells Like a Rock God

You achieved a higher sense of being;

And frequented the white noise jungles of Nirvana

When you plucked guitar strings in F Minor.

Upside down with painted nails,

You took hits, and made hits;

The undisputed king of the X generation.

Who else can say they sparked a revolution

With deodorant?


We no longer locked our secrets in a

Heart shaped box, but instead wore

Them on our plaid shirt sleeves.

And as you roam the hallways of

Club 27, we are sad you chose to join

Without us.


We didn’t have to be manic to understand

That Lithium wasn’t just a drug to you.

Only you could give such significance

To a Bean and a reputation to Seattle

That didn’t involve Coffee.

You never did fail to entertain us, Kurt.

And when the lights finally go out,

I know I’ll be alright,

‘Cause I’ve found God.

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