He Won't Know About Us

Hi ,I'm Morgan.I'm 14 and a freshman this year.I have one brother his name is Dylan hes a dork hes 16. He loves to snoop through my room.No mater how mean he get he is always there for me and if i ever have boy troubles he takes care of them.I've had a crush on this boy at school named Louis Tomlinson. He is super cute!He's been smiling at me this year at school so I wonder if he likes me?I'm sure he doesn't because I have glasses and at least I got my braces off last year but I still look like a geek!I wish he would ask me out but I don't know what I would say because my step-dad Mark is so strict .He doesn't want me to be friends with any boy and very rarely get to have any of my other friends over besides Bella shes my bestest friend my dad is friends with her dad that's why.I cant wait to be Louis friend this year maybe closer.


3. Chapter Three

On our way to class Louis says ''So,I hear your brother is Dylan Williams?'' he asked "Yeah that's the one but hes my half brother,'' I said ''Oh, sorry love,'' said Louis. "No prob,'' i said ''So what are you doing tonight ?'' Lou asked . '' I'm going to church with Bella Edwards and hanging at her place tonight'' I said ''I know Bella she goes to my church!you guys should come sit by me tonight,'' he said. " We would be glad to but how will i find you there its such a big church?'' I asked hoping to get his number ''Well I'll give you my number,do you have a pen love?'' Louis asked. ''Yeah, but i don't have any paper.'' i said as i gave him the pen . ''Me either can i please see your hand?'' He asked.''Why, sure,'' I said while smiling and giving him my hand as he wrote his number down. The bell rang and we started running because we were going to be late.We get into class and everyone's staring at us especially Bella. I smile at her as I sit down she asked ''Where were you two?'' ''We were in the hallway and I got his number!'' I said .As class went on all i did was think about Louis and draw hearts around his number that was on my hand . I cant wait for tonight! It was time for lunch and I went to sit down by Bella and as soon as I did Louis saw me and got up and came sat by me . All the boys where over there teasing Lou about sitting with me but then his friend Harry came sat in front of Louis and said ''They are getting on my nerves !'' and then Louis said ''I know!'' Then Harry started talking to Bella and it's so cute that is who Bella has liked since the first grade!we talked and talked and then we dumped our trays and then we left .For the rest of the day i  hung out and talked to Louis and Bella was with Harry.And before we knew it school was over . On my way out Louis said ''Hey Morgan,don't forget to text me!'' he said as he smiled and winked at me . ''I won't'' I said as I walked away . When I got home Dylan said ''So Morg, how was your day?'' he said while he winked at me .''It was amazing , he's so sweet LOOK I GOT HIS NUMBER!'' i yelled'' Yeah i heard he told me every thing'' said Dylan.''I cant wait for tonight'' I said while i ran up stairs and threw on a varsity sweatshirt ,some jeans,my combat boots , my cross bracelet . My hair is curled so i just left it like that. I told Dylan i was going to Bells he said okay so i grabbed my bag and left.On my way there i pulled out my Iphone and added Louis number as 'Louis<3' . I text him and said

'Hey, it's Morgan'

'Hey Morg r u still coming to church tonight love?'

'yeah so what r u up to?'

'Nothing much just trying to find something to wear its so hard trying to make a decision'

'lol i can help you if u want'

'sure i'd love that u should come over asap love '

' k i'm about to e at Bellas ill have to ask her '

'ok tell her that Harry is here and that she can come to'


**text ended**

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