He Won't Know About Us

Hi ,I'm Morgan.I'm 14 and a freshman this year.I have one brother his name is Dylan hes a dork hes 16. He loves to snoop through my room.No mater how mean he get he is always there for me and if i ever have boy troubles he takes care of them.I've had a crush on this boy at school named Louis Tomlinson. He is super cute!He's been smiling at me this year at school so I wonder if he likes me?I'm sure he doesn't because I have glasses and at least I got my braces off last year but I still look like a geek!I wish he would ask me out but I don't know what I would say because my step-dad Mark is so strict .He doesn't want me to be friends with any boy and very rarely get to have any of my other friends over besides Bella shes my bestest friend my dad is friends with her dad that's why.I cant wait to be Louis friend this year maybe closer.


10. Chapter Ten

I didn't realize it was already ten o'clock when we started watching the movie. I got really sleepy so I laid my head down on Louis's lap. He looked down at me and said "are you sleepy love?" " yeah, Im sorry if I'm bothering you," I said . "Oh no love, you're perfectly fine," he said. "Okay," I said as I was yawning. He looked down and smiled at me and looked back at the flat screen.

***Louis's POV***

She looked so cute In her pink footy pjs and her glasses. I couldn't help but to stare and smile she's just to beautiful for someone not to already have her heart. So I guess I will try to take it for myself but, I heard her stepdad is very strict! She laid her head down on my lap like a sleepy little cute puppy would. Then she asked if she was bothering me! She never bothers me she's just so perfect to me! Only thirty minutes in to the movie she fell asleep.  Then I got a text from Harry 

'hey, I'm sorry me and Bell bailed on you two but we thought you would need some alone time together;) '

' oh so that's why y'all aren't here! Clever you! But she's already asleep on my lap like a perfect little angel!!!'

' You should just ask her out already!! You two obviously like each other!' 

'is it that obvious but I don't think she likes me:('

'oh louis now what has gotten into you?!? Where have you been when she's around you?!?! Your all she ever talks about!'

' Really? But what if she doesn't like me and I asks her out then I will have ruined our friendship! And have u ever seen her stepdad?? He don't even allow her to have guy friends!!'

' Well then if u ever get enough courage or get convinced that she does y'all could date secretly I mean her brother covers for her all the time who do you think is covering for her right now!! I mean goodness!'

' Well I guess your right!! Thank you so much harry!'

'Welcome! Well I gtg cya later'

'okay  by'

Well I guess harry is right. But I'm just afraid ill ruin everything! But not soon after I got done texting harry I fell asleep too! I woke up to the morning news and my mum sitting on the couch drinking her morning tea. I looked down and Morgan was still where she was last night. I looked up at my mum and she said "Morning hun, how'd you two sleep?" "Shhh!"I said ." I don't wanna wAke up Morgan!" I said quietly. "I'm sorry," mum said. "It's alright what time is it?" I asked. "It's 8:30, and you really like her don't you Lou?" Mum asked "thanks and you have no clue!she the most sweetest beautifulest person I know and ever will know!" I said back while looking at Morgan making sure she was still asleep. " That's so sweet well I'm going to be late for work if I don't get going by Hun tell Morgan I said hi wen she wakes up bye sweetie" she said as she walked in the kitchen and grabbed her keys and went out the back door . "Bye mum" I said . Right at the time mum left Morgan's phone rang "ALERT ALERT YOUR IDIOT BROTHER IS CALLING ALERT ALERT BETTER ANSWER NOW TO SEE WHAT THIS IDIOT NEEDS". It rang until I found it laying under her hand I'm really surprised she's still asleep. I answered the phone and it was Dylan "Hello" I said "hey is this Louis?" " yeah why?" "Um well can you wake up Morgan and tell her that mark will be home in an hour and she better hurry up so she won't get in trouble?" "Yeah will do" " ok thanks so much louis ill talk to you later by" " bye" and then I hung up."Morgiee!love! Wake up your stepdad will be home in an hour and I don't want you and Dylan to get in trouble!!" I said. She looked up at me and I could tell she didn't want to get up but her eyes opened wide wen I told her again and she jumped up and ran and grabbed her stuff and through it in her bag and said "sorry Lou I will talk to you later I'm so sorry I had to rush like this but I really must be going!" "It's okay by love," I said. "Thanks bye" she said as she ran out the door . Then I looked down and found her glasses and said "WAIT YOU LEFT YOUR-" SLAM went the door. Oh we'll ill just give em to her later I said to myself. She's so beautiful I thought.


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